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AllianceHouse of Nobles
Main leader

 Varian Wrynn †


HumanHuman Human

Theater of operations


The House of Nobles is a political assembly that forms part of the government of the Kingdom of Stormwind, under the direction of the kingdom's ruling dynasty, the House of Wrynn. The monarch of Stormwind, currently King Anduin Wrynn, is aided in their role as head of government by the House of Nobles, which possesses sweeping powers on many internal matters.

The House of Nobles is the stated and traditional enemy of the Defias Brotherhood, but at least some of the nobles supported them back when they were the Stonemasons Guild. Under the sway of Lady Katrana Prestor, the House of Nobles indeed inadvertently played a pivotal role in the Brotherhood's formation.

The House of Nobles has also traditionally had dark connections to the Twilight's Hammer cult, and the convict Randolph Moloch. For a long period of time, a black dragon was even a disguised member of the house.

Governmental role

As its name suggests, the House of Nobles is comprised of some of Stormwind's most powerful aristocratic bloodlines, and positions within the faction are typically inherited.[1] Presumably, the assembly serves a major legislative role in the kingdom, being able to lobby for important administrative issues,[2] as well as a judicial role, possessing the right to overrule regional elected officials on matters of law.[3][4]

While they wield considerable power within Stormwind City and the wider kingdom, the bloc has little influence within the Alliance as a whole.[5] The noble members are mainly royal advisors who have major leverage over business and labor, since they own much of the land themselves. Despite this, the House of Nobles has been known to often involve itself politically in Stormwindian affairs, and as such has clashed with the monarch on more than one occasion.

Known members


The Ellerian family received a seat by marrying Tiffin Ellerian to Varian Wrynn. It is unknown if they still hold it, or if any of the family are still alive to represent them.


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