How It's Made: Arcwine

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NeutralHow It's Made: Arcwine

110 (Requires 110)




How It's Made: Arcwine is a quest in Suramar given by Margaux.


Follow Margaux through the Vineyard. Exchange information where possible.


<Margaux speaks in a hushed tone.>

While we walk through the Vineyard, we may find time to exchange information.

Try not to look alarmed at what you see, hm?

<Margaux flashes a vacant, forced smile.>

Shall we press on?


The following will be cast on you: Arcwine Connoiseur

You will also receive: 20g 60s


Welcome, enjoying your tour?



Margaux walks south towards a small building.
Margaux says: The building we approach now is called the Aging Chamber.
Margaux says: If you are at all familiar with the wine crafting process, you know that it is necessary to allow the juice to ferment.
She stops in front of it and turns to you.
Margaux says: We prefer to shorten the process using time magic. Such power is our birthright!

<Margaux glances around anxiously before leaning in close to whisper to you.>
Thalyssra must be alive, if others are moving in the shadows. Who else but the First Arcanist could inspire such action?
Tell me- how is she?

Gossip She is surviving, but not easily.

I am so relieved to hear that. Let us move on, though.

Gossip After you, Margaux.

Margaux walks onward to the east.
Margaux says: To my left you will see one of our orchards.
She approaches an area of fruit trees floating above a shallow pool, vines hanging downward with a single fruit on the ends. Moonglow Locusts around the trees are being preyed upon by Shadescale Flyeaters.
Margaux says: This one houses a species of tree that produces extra sweet fruit, which you tasted in the Infusion.
She walks to the edge of the pool and turns to you.

Now... why exactly did you come here? This is certainly one of the least safe places for members of the resistance.

Gossip Thalyssra said you had a unique way of dealing with insects. What is it?

Insects? Do you have an insect problem?
<Margaux eyes you curiously for a moment.>
No matter. The answer, you see, is in front of you. Mana wyrms prey on the insects that prey on our trees. They keep our precious plants whole and they eat very well.
I will be sure to make time in our tour to allow you to gather some.

Gossip Thank you! I am ready to move on now.

Margaux walks on to the southeast as she speaks.
Margaux says: The buildings before you house our bottling facilities.
Margaux says: Each bottle is sealed with magic to prevent any of the Nightwell's essence from fading.
She heads to pass on the right side of the building.
Margaux says: A cask of arcwine from our vineyard can be safely stored for hundreds of years!
Margaux says: Ahead you will see our distribution facility.
She stops at the entrance point and turns to you, beyond which massive barrels line the sides.
Margaux says: Here we arrange to send hundreds of barrels and casks of arcwine out to the city.
A female Vineyard Enforcer approaches a Vineyard Laborer who's standing still. Margaux turns back to look toward the facility.
Margaux says: The Magistrix monitors these activities very-
She gasps in horror: the enforcer is confronting the laborer.
Vineyard Enforcer says: You there! Back to work!
Vineyard Laborer says: I was just resting. I-
Vineyard Enforcer says: I will hear none of your excuses. Back to work!
The guard begins to viciously beat the man. Margaux immediately runs over to intervene.
Margaux says: Don't hurt him!
Vineyard Laborer says: Agh!
The enforcer stops and turns to Margaux, who grovels an apology for her cowering staff member.
Margaux says: I am so sorry- please forgive this mistake. I will personally ensure it does not happen again.
Vineyard Enforcer says: The Overseer will hear of this. Mark my words, Margaux.
Margaux walks out of the distribution facility and the enforcer also turns away. Margaux heads to a quiet corner of the building.

They just - I hate them! We serve at their pleasure or we face exile and death. But I can do nothing while the Grand Magistrix seeks to keep this area secure.
Surely you must have a vast network to have made your way here. Is the resistance growing? Can it truly stand against Elisande?

Gossip Hope is not lost. We are making progress every day.

<Margaux sighs.>
The odds are stacked against us. We are beaten and exiled at every turn. But you and the First Arcanist still stand with us. I can believe in this.
I believe in the Dusk Lily.
But enough of this. Are you ready to finish our tour?

Gossip I am ready.

Margaux says: Where were we?
Margaux walks back out around the front of the building and heads north to a bridge, across which is the other side of the small orchard earlier shown.
Margaux says: Across this bridge is the most crucial part of our winemaking process.
Margaux says: It is here that we instill our wine with Nightwell essence, which gives it the restorative properties our people enjoy.
She stops by the waiting Sylverin at the infusion station and turns to you.
Margaux says: And this is where I leave you. I must prepare the next activity.
Margaux says: I will meet you at the next station. My assistant Sylverin will be happy to show you how the infusion process works.
Margaux walks away over the bridge.


The name of the quest has the same format as episodes of the television show How It's Made.


  1. N [110] Moths to a Flame
  2. N [110] Make an Entrance
  3. N [110] The Fruit of Our Efforts
  4. N [110] How It's Made: Arcwine
  5. N [110] Intense Concentration
  6. N [110] The Old Fashioned Way
  7. N [110] Balance to Spare & N [110] Silkwing Sabotage
  8. N [110] Reversal
  9. N [110] Vengeance for Margaux
  10. N [110] Seek the Unsavory
  11. N [110] Hired Help
  12. N [110] If Words Don't Work...
  13. N [110] A Big Score & N [110] Asset Security
  14. N [110] Make Your Mark
  15. N [110] And They Will Tremble

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