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How to roleplay
Alliance Alliance

Night elf
Void elf
Lightforged draenei
Dark Iron dwarf

Horde Horde

Blood elf
Highmountain tauren
Mag'har orc

Neutral Neutral



The Forsaken offer many roleplaying opportunities. I hope that there will be more of these people roleplaying as a good racial balance is important to get a good roleplaying experience. See you in the Undercity.


Most undead tend to change their name after joining the Forsaken. A random name generator may be of assistance here. Some Forsaken however, like Sylvanas Windrunner, keep their names after death. This can reflect your personality if you wish, for example a proud human might keep their name while a fanatically loyal Forsaken might change it. If you watch while in Deathknell and Brill that many Forsaken keep their names or simply change them to other human ones. Usually a Forsaken who changes his name shall keep his first name, while his last name shall be changed in a much more sinister way, involving disease, death, corpses, shadow or the like. An example of this is Nathanos Blightcaller, formerly Nathanos Marris.


The Forsaken have varying personalities. Some would go hunting Scourge as soon as they could while others might help those scared or new Forsaken. Forsaken are not merry, the only time you could roleplay a realistic happy Forsaken is an old one who’s mind is going, or one in the midst of torturing something, if that's your thing. Most forsaken tend to be gloomy, depressed or vengeful. Generally all Forsaken hate the Scourge and punish Scourge loyalists. Don't roleplay one.


Forsaken lifestyle reflects death. A Forsaken inn will show an example of their ideas of comfort. They sleep in coffins, care little for lighting and maintenance. They tend to socialise with each other but not with other races. The Forsaken generally eat only to survive and take alcohol moderatly. Although an alcoholic Forsaken can be an interesting roleplay opportunity, i.e.: a Forsaken who became alcoholic through their depression.


Forsaken tend to eat either rotten food or what they ate in life. It is unknown what purpose food serves to the Forsaken other than recreation. Keep in mind the biological features of your character, it will serve an interesting roleplay. Jawless undead are probably not able to chew steak, and those whose organs are long dead will probably not feel the affects of alcohol. And an old, maggot-riddled stomach probably wouldn't mind a rotting tauren eye or two (though be careful who you have as dinner guests if this is on the menu).


The appearance of the Forsaken range from unnerving to ghoulish. As Forsaken could still be rotting, an older one might be missing a jaw part or hair. Keeping your starting clothes could help with the rotten look while out of combat. Forsaken might wear armour like Imperial Plate whereas an orc would look unusual in that. Not all Forsaken are hideous, Sylvanas Windrunner still retains the beauty she had in life.

Class Guide

Warrior Forsaken warriors tend to be raiders or assassins, jobs that a rogue would usually do, but they could also be deathguard. They tend to use swords, not maces or axes as they are lacking in muscle mass. Roleplay examples include:

-- Paladin Enemy Paladins view Forsaken as monsters and therefore enemies. You could go on the offensive against paladins, killing them as they would kill you.

-- Raider' Undead warriors bear resemblance to caravan raiders. They could be raiding to get supplies for the Forsaken cause or simply wreaking havoc amongst the living.

Priest Forsaken priests have great roleplaying flexibility. Their talent trees provide opportunities on their own. For example:

-- Shadow Priest The dark religious rulers of the damned, Shadow priests are one of the greatest roleplaying opportunities for the Forsaken. An example is Shadow Priest Sarvis. He appears to serve some sort of spiritual function.

-- Holy Priest The priest dedicated to ending the suffering of the Forsaken, healing and comforting tormented Forsaken that need it. They are perhaps the only undead that would spare a living being. These are an example of "Good Forsaken". Condemned to a miserable half-life but still as dedicated as a living priest would be. Keep in mind that undead are generally accepted as unable to use the light, and roleplay as such. An example might be a Forsaken who follows the teachings of the light without being able to wield it himself.

Rogue Forsaken and rogues go together like trolls and shamans. They do what their society needs. They will spy and steal. They possess less remorse than the average Forsaken. Examples:

-- Assassin The one who either takes care of the Forsaken’s enemies or their own enemies. Assassins hide in inconspicuous places using theshadows to their advantage. They use the death effects to hide rather than try to get rid of them. They aren't the wisest but they are street-smart and agile.

-- Explorer A job for the bold and eager, Forsaken explorers tend to explore places like forgotten dungeons not forests. They are not as caring to nature as hunters. They go well in places like Blackrock Mountain and the Wailing Caverns.

Mage The magi are not the showy proud magi they might have been in life. They tend to use dark magic much like a Warlock. Examples:

-- Reborn Mage A mage trying to regain the trust of his friends and allies in life such as the Kirin Tor, the Argent Crusade or his old guild. This applies to other classes but mainly the Mage. This is most a story one not for actual roleplaying. Going to Stormwind could cause some trouble.

Warlock Warlocks have an affiliation with dark magic so they go with the evil Forsaken. They have many chances for interesting back stories. Their minions such as the imp and voidwalker match the Forsaken. Examples:

-- Fallen Mage A mage in life, warlock in death. They combine the recklessness of the mage with the cruelty of the warlock. This idea has probably been used but due to the lack of Forsaken, not overplayed. You should act cruel and scheming. A kind of overlord if you will.

Starting Off

You just pulled yourself out of the grave with nothing but an Undertaker to help you cope. And he was less than helpful. You are dead, know nothing of your new condition. What do you do next? Well that's up to you. Some ideas include going to Undercity to try to learn more about this "Dark Lady" everyone is talking about. Or seeking out older Forsaken to try to make sense of just what you are now. If your server is full of roleplayers, you could even start wandering around undead mobs and start trying to "wake them up" keep in mind that this is just a starting point. After a while, it is your duty to "flesh out" your character and create their own personality.

Here is an example of what NOT to do:

A Forsaken warrior (1), a blood elf hunter (2) and a Mary Sue Forsaken rogue (3) are hiding in the Deeprun Tram, waiting for their allies.

3: "Why are we waiting? I want to kill the Humans now!"

1: "If you get us caught, I’m going to mail you to the Lich King myself!"

2: *waves her hand, signalling for silience.*

3: "Who put you in charge? I didn’t!"

1: *grabs 3 and shoves her onto the floor and aims his sword at her.*

3: (yell) "WTF what did u do that for??!?!?!!?11"

Alliance players flood in and hack up the Horde.

The Mary Sue was trying to play a violent rogue. However when she started to overplay, the other two started emoting to keep her quiet without talking. When she yelled the whole district heard her. While Mary Sues are annoying to most, Forsaken Mary Sues are intolerable. Forsaken rarely show signs of drama in any case.

Overly Happy Forsaken rarely laugh, smile or show any signs of happiness. The only time you'd hear laughter from the Forsaken is when they may come into contact with an evil and efficient way of killing stuff. They hardly ever drink, dance or have fun.

Overly Sad While they do carry an innate depression, Forsaken do not cry on everyones shoulders, attempt suicide or insult the living all day.


While Forsaken may betray their allies (See the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate), you should not abandon your party in a raid when you get the loot you want. Act moody but don't spread that doctrine.

Do not over-emote:

/You gives a small smile is better than /You burst into a huge, ear to ear grin.



The Forsaken use the orcs as a source of aid mainly. They treat the orcs, along with the living, as either a target or temporary convenience. Since the events of the Wrath Gate, the Forsaken are now distrusted by the orcs, and the rest of the Horde.


They have a similar attitude to the trolls, if narrower. They have not really interacted much with the trolls. trolls don't think much of them either. The trolls are viewed as primitive in the eyes of the Forsaken. The precise feelings of the trolls are unknown.


The tauren appear to be peaceful and nature loving which clashes with Forsaken society. However, the tauren see the Forsaken as suffering an illness that must someday be cured, even allowing them to live in a part of Thunder Bluff so they can conduct their research.

Blood Elves

They seem to hold the blood elves in slightly higher esteem than other Horde races. Likely because of shared lust for power and the fact that the blood elves were previously high elves who are a part of the Alliance just as the Forsaken were one humans. It is unknown if the blood elves return these feelings.

The Alliance

Humans despise the Forsaken, seeing them as nothing more than vile minions of the Lich King. Humans will not hesitate to vanquish any undead they come across (so long as they are able). Regardless of wheather they are Scourge or not, they are members of the Horde with whom relations are becoming very tense.


Ruled by the Lich King, the Forsaken were raised into his undead minions but broke free from his influence to join Sylvanas Windrunner who also defected. The Scourge is hated by the Forsaken and destroying it is the primary objective of the Forsaken's dark conquest.