How to roleplay a soldier

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The life of a soldier is a tough life. Battles, creating camps in dangerous places, and the threat of death or maybe even worse always there. But there's one thing that keeps you going. But, that is up to you to decide. I am only here to provide a lesson in what to do.

Things to ask yourself when making your character

The first thing to do when making your character is to make sure the character is right for you by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What is his motivation for being a soldier?
  • How does he interact with others?
  • Does he have any past experience with fighting? If so, how much? Is he any good?
  • What is his loyalty? Alliance or Horde? (Determining faction)
  • What did he do previously?

There are many questions as you can see.

Things that you need to remember

There are things you need to remember before you start roleplaying.

One of them is that your character didn't just get to be a soldier. He had to go through training. That is also a tip for people who create a military guild, train your members! Your character doesn't just all of a sudden become a highly skilled soldier out of thin air! He wasn't born with that amount of skill. He has to learn it first!

A second thing is that your character has to be brave. You can't have your character be a soldier and coward at the same time. Sure, he can have some fears, but he must also have the ability to overcome them.

A third thing to remember is to not just suddenly become a military commander. There needs to be a reason behind it. Maybe you had a friend who talked it over with someone who has the power to do things like that or you were just popular among the soldiers. Just make sure it makes sense, and it's not just some random thing that happened. No, that just does not make sense.

A fourth thing to remember is that just because you're a great fighter, it does not mean you will win every single fight. You're going to lose a few also. There's always something tougher and better than you.

Your character's history will determine quite a bit of his personality also. Someone with a terrible past might have little patience or tolerance for certain things, while someone who grew up wealthy might be a bit rude or get angry when not getting their way. Although, some rich people can be the exact opposite, you never know.