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How to roleplay
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Night elf
Void elf
Lightforged draenei
Dark Iron dwarf

Horde Horde

Blood elf
Highmountain tauren
Mag'har orc

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The once nomadic tauren roamed the lands of Kalimdor for ages until Cairne Bloodhoof united the tauren and settled in Mulgore. The tauren capital is Thunderbluff which resides on 4 huge mesas.


The tauren cherish their traditions and are a fundamental part of tauren culture. There is very little written historical material on the tauren as all history is passed down orally. Tauren are often quiet around newcomers but do warm to them eventually, sharing accounts of battle and courage.


Think carefully about your name. Make sure the name is fitting for a tauren, people aren't going to take you seriously if you call your self, "Jerky" or "Grilled". If you are in any military situation, those may function well as nicknames.

  • Male Names - Tapar, Brok, Grem.
  • Female Names - Bretta, Fer, Helna.
  • Treemane, Flamehoof, Bloodmane, Leafhorn or Icetotem.

Class Guide

As one of the strongest races, tauren make great warriors. Tauren personalities vary in a more significant way than the personalities of orcs or trolls. Tauren warriors run the gambit of being a strategist (planning attacks and defenses ahead of time) or defenders protecting key locations, to shock vanguard units using their massive size and strength to break through the enemy line. While tauren tend to be more comfortable with "natural" armors, they know the value of heavy metal armors. They would be most comfortable with axes or maces, allowing them to put their natural strength to best use.

Tauren are excellent hunters and trackers. Hunting has always been an important part of their nomadic lifestyle, it makes sense they would use these talents in times of war. Their knowledge of the world and terrain could allow them to move faster than most of the races who do not take the time to learn the area as well. The hunters are split into two groups when it comes to weapons. The traditionalists who would rather stick to simple bows, or at most crossbows... and the younger hunters who see the gun as the best way to make a kill.

While every Tauren is expected to be skilled at hunting, not every tauren is a Hunter.

The tauren were taught druidism by the demigod, Cenarius, but forgot his teachings. It has recently been revitalized by Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem. Since tauren have close ties to the land and revere nature, the tauren have embraced druidism with open arms. A druid is responsible for looking after nature and dealing with those who look to destroy or corrupt it. They prefer to stay away from the busy life of cities and wander Azeroth's wilds.

Shaman are very important in tauren society as they make up the spiritual leaders of the tauren alongside the druids. They revere nature, more specifically the elements, and often commune with them for wisdom and guidance.

Unlike most paladins, tauren Sunwalkers, as their order is known, draw power from the sun, which they know as An'she, the right eye of the Earth Mother. This is believed to be similar to how druids and night elves draw power from the moon. Being a paladin tends to combine the great patience and faith of a tauren into a spiritual warrior that can keep their cool in the front lines of battle while aiding their allies.

Like the Sunwalkers, Tauren Priests draw their power from the sun. Tauren priests, while tied to the Sunwalkers, tend to be Seers, diviners of the future and aids to a tribal chief. They would focus on the healing aspect of their powers over the dark, negative aspects, much like a Draenei Priest would.

When the Huojin Pandaren joined the Horde after leaving the Wandering Isle, they began to teach others the ways of their martial arts. Tauren are naturally patient and focused, which makes them particularly suited for the ways of a monk. They can also use their massive size and strength to their advantage while still showing a surprising amount of dexterity.

Death Knight
Tauren death knights are treated the same as the Forsaken. They are tolerated by most, and given the chance to prove themselves. However, they are almost always met with distrust for what they are and have done. They may find their state of undeath horrifying, as it effectively severs their ties to nature, though not to the degree a Light worshiping race may feel.


Tauren are excellent alchemists and the Winterhoof tribe are perhaps the greatest in tauren society.

Blacksmithing is an honest craft to the tauren, while some may not revel in battle, they do appreciate the fine craftsmanship that goes into a well-balanced ax.

All tauren know basic cooking. It is essential when a young tauren is out alone on the hunt in the wild.

Arcane magic is nearly non-existent among the tauren, but few enchanters do exist.

Tauren are very inquisitive of new things, despite the goblins' questionable actions to the earth, the tauren are amazed at their technological feats. Few tauren are starting to tinker, and their huge bulk allows them to survive explosions which would surely kill a gnome or dwarf.

First Aid
The tauren are a peaceful people and prefer to avoid combat which means there are numerous amounts of tauren healers behind the front lines.

Fishing is a common skill among the tauren as it is a part of their hunter-gatherer life.

Tauren are excellent herbalists and will never over-harvest and exhaust herb supplies, much like all resources. Herbs are often used in rituals or sold to alchemists or herbalists.

More and more tauren scribes and scholars are emerging since most of the tauren's traditions, stories and knowledge are passed down by word of mouth.

Jewelcrafters turn dusty gems into beautiful jewelry. Tauren do love decoration, but the bulk of it comes from the hunt and since there aren't alot of miners to supply nor a huge demand for jewels, tauren jewelcrafters are rare.

Tauren have great use for leather as it is used in everyday life. Leather can be obtained from someone who knows how to skin an animal although most (if not, all) tauren know how to skin.

Tauren do not have much use for metal so tauren miners are rare. Tauren do not mine anywhere near an industrial scale, unlike the dwarves or goblins who pillage the earth, which saddens the tauren.

Tauren are not a wasteful people. During the hunt, everything is used up. Skins will be made into leather which can be sold to leatherworkers.

Tauren tailors are not common, as they tend to steer away from fancy clothes. A tailor is likely to be found in the cities since small villages have no use for their decorative attire.