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How to roleplay a troll

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Trolls, Masters of Voodoo
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So, ya want ta be a Troll, mon? Trolls are an interesting and underplayed race with rich tribal and shamanistic roots. Now, keep in mind that most Trolls, aside from the Darkspear, that many people encounter tend to be rather violent, so do not be surprised if someone in roleplay treats you with suspicion and distrust. While most, Trolls have a distinct accent, you can try to play with it. Limiting using it a bit, using it more, or even explaining the accent has a cultural thing or has an adaption to having huge tusks jutting out of your mouth can add a little bit of a personal touch to your character. Also, while the trolls are based off of Haitian and Jamaican cultures, do not overdo it too much or you may come across has racist and offensive (running around yelling about hemp and passing the dutchie might get you into some trouble), this is true with pretty much any race you can base off of a real world culture (Dwarves, Draenei, etc)


At a glance, the Trolls may seem to have a very simple naming pattern, however this is not true. They are born and remain nameless until they reach a certain age. Then they -earn- the first syllable of their name. Kaz, Vol, Drek, and the like. They can add syllables to their name by feats or traits they have developed. A natural born leader may earn the syllable 'jin', one adept in killing may earn 'kaz'.

Family Names: Trolls do not carry surnames, often they will use the name of their tribe in place of a family name.

Note: Do try to avoid 'Jin', it is typically reserved for great leaders or powerful Witch Doctors.



Trolls were very violent and brutal. Yet currently, the Darkspears have become more civil. The warriors are violent, vicious and strong. They suit axes, swords and maces. Often, they eat the heart of their enemy with the belief that they will gain the strength of the victim. Trolls typically wear leather armor, though metal plates are not unheard of. Keep in mind that they do not usully hold a relevant position in the tribe and would likely be just an average individual who decided to defend their tribe, work as a mercenary, or something similar.


Like the rogue, hunters are cunning and intelligent. This makes Trolls excellent hunters. They could be headhunters, trackers, scouts, or Shadow Hunters.


Rogues are cunning and intelligent. They suit leather equipment for swift movements and a good sword. Even an axe or dagger could suit the troll assassin. It is possibly the best melee class for Trolls. They are usually mistrusted by the Horde and often rejects of society, but they're often feared and respected.


Priests are typically medicine men, Witch Doctors, or other religious leaders, much like Shamans, though they may also be Shadow Priests. You may want to consider playing a Priest looking to help his tribe by healing their already diminished numbers, or a Priest trying to bring his people into the Light. Keep in mind it is possible they will be mistrusted due to the fact that they follow the Light rather then the Loa.


Trolls need power, and Shamans have it. Trolls use elemental magic and voodoo so this class suits them to the bone. As a shaman, you could be either a Witch Doctor, a Hexxer or a Shadow Hunter. They have great morals and are greatly respected among their tribe. They usually worship Loa. They often have names like Windcaller or Earthshaker. Shamans are often looked to for spiritual guidance, think of them as religious leaders, only more like a Medicine Man then a Priest. You may want to have an air of mystery about you, speaking in riddles and using deep philosophical and metaphorical terms in your language (It may be hard at first to do this while adhering to their particular accent and syntax.) Typically the Shaman class can be used to roleplay a Shadow Hunter, much like the Hunter.


Up until fairly recently, the secrets of the arcane were not a subject trolls generally studied. Despite the common perception that trolls are a savage and primitive race, trolls are actually quite intelligent and fully capable of mastering the arcane. Nonetheless, troll mages are fairly rare as arcane magic was not introduced to the trolls until the Darkspear tribe joined the Horde. Due to their magical power they may be held in somewhat high regard, though less so than the Witch Doctors, the Shadow Hunters, or the Hexxers who rule the tribe. Staffs are typically gnarled for Troll mages.


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Trolls have been rumored to study druidism. Unlike many of their counterparts, they tend not to focus on their hatred as much. They care for the land, and have forged a stronger friendship with the tauren, who have always regarded trolls with distrust. These trolls tend to be more caring and less savage, though have a deep streak of criticism, even questioning the motives of their own brethren. they are wise, and trusted. For who can dislike the power of nature?

Death Knight

Trolls are capable of extreme cruelty, and so are Death Knights. There are Ice Trolls and normal Trolls in service of the Lich King. They are usually mistrusted in a similar fashion to Warlocks: the Loa, divinities of the trolls, should be the only ones able to domain over the dead. It is possible you may of been ostracized for this, or maybe you proved yourself to the tribe and are a valued protector, perhaps you are somewhere in between.


Trolls have very interesting speech. It's a Jamaican accent. Here are some examples:

  • Greeting:

How ya doin' mon? Hey mon?

  • Goodbye:

I be seein' you mon. See ya later.

  • Be careful

Ya be watchin out now mon. Tread lightly mon.

  • Response to an insult
    • Blood Elf- Ya not be mockin us, ya magic addicted toad.
    • Undead- Ya come back when ya don't smell like ma raptor's leavin's
    • Orc- Ya people saved us, but don' be thinkin' I won't give ya a beating for dat.
    • Tauren- Ya best be watchin out, I like meself a good split of roast for me dinner.

Words: Person:Mon, Them:Dem, That:Dat, You:ya, Hello:Hey. Myself:Meself/Third Person Watching:Watchin Example : Zulzanie : What Zulzanie thinks is dat dis is a foolish venture. Der too many, only a fool would attack dem now. Zulzanie be thinkin' with his brain and not his heart. Live to fight another day eh?



Trolls are hunters and survivors first. They will eat plant, fruit, or meat due to their personal tastes or what they can get the quickest. The Darkspear Trolls have given up cannibalism upon joining the Horde, though most other tribes have not.


Trolls practise Voodoo and some worship their voodoo gods, the Loa. Still worshipping Hakkar the Soulflayer is a bit much though. Ancestral worship might work for roleplaying, and a good mix that, Voodoo, and Shamanism may work quite well. Don't make up your own god, it can't possibly end well in any case. Don't overdo things. One Loa that many darkspear trolls worship is Bwonsamdi. Unlike many other trolls, Darkspear's have a keen distrust of the worship of demons or even unliving. The Darkspears were pushed from the ancestral lands by followers of Hakkar, using dark voodoo magic and other black magics to push the Darkspears from their land. Then with the betrayal with Zalazane, It pushed them overboard, making the practice of voodoo impossible. Shadow Priests and Shadow Hunters loyal to the tribe have some degree of Voodoo control, but anything that turns you into a mindless slave or soulless follower is not to be trifled with.


They care very little for honour in battle, preferring to win. It depends what race is with you. If an Orc or a Tauren is with you then be honourable. If a Blood Elf or Forsaken is with then do what you want to enemies. They won't care. With the retaking of the Echo Isles from the dreaded Hexmaster Zalazane, Vol'jin has a new ally to thank for this. Her name is Zen'tabra, a Troll druid who stayed behind in the aftermath of The Hexmaster's Betrayal. Now apart of the tribe, a new code of honor has been brought upon the Darkspears. The retaking of the Echo Isles has brought a new hope for the twice exiled Jungle trolls. And the events of the Cataclysm will bring them to war once again. But will we witness the new honor, or more cruelty?

Sexism and Racism

There is not much sexism, Troll women and men can be high priests or priestesses. And they can fight in battle and practice voodoo. However female trolls must be extremely skilled to be able to be recognized as a warrior. Racism, on the other hand, is more prevalent in troll culture. Trolls are partially xenophobic, and rarely share their traditions with anyone other than those already within their tribe, or other troll tribe members. For instance, trolls dislike the Blood Elves due to the ancient wars their races participated in and the Forsaken due to the fact that they are undead, abominations and walking sins against the Loa of the Dead.


Trolls have a distinct personality, similar to Forsaken in their cruelty yet similar to Orcs in their culture. Trolls are bound by very little laws or codes. There are differing personalities among the Trolls. Here are some examples:

The tribal

These guys are very close to the tribe traditions and religion and some of them are known for their cruelty when it comes to defending their tribe. You will want to express that it is NOT a good idea to insult them, their tribe. In case the troll is of the Darkspear tribe, insulting the Orcs is also not recommendable, as the Horde rescued the Darkspear from obliteration and they honor the Horde as if their own.

The Less Racist

These Trolls are more willing to let allies help them and listen to their culture. The pros are that allies might like you better, the cons are that if you're not careful you'll end up more of the foreign race that a troll. Vol'jin might be an example of this.

The Savage One

These trolls care little for anything. They will backstab, slaughter and cheat if they win by it. This type of Troll is unpopular yet sometimes respected. An advantage of such a character is that you can almost do anything you want in a battle, giving you much leeway for personalization of the character. A disadvantage will be that allies will be harder to come by, as nobody enjoys being backstabbed. An example might be Zalazane.

The Mystical Troll

This Troll usually has a strong accent and still adheres to voodoo. They are deeply religious and superstitious. They would prefer to hex someone rather than get into an argument with them. They can either be cruel or less racist. These trolls are essentially trolls before the Horde, and thus more fun to roleplay. But as Thrall did limit in the methods of working voodoo, such as no cannibalism or sacrifices of sapient beings, keeping too closely with the old ways could prove to be detrimental to others of the Horde, especially orcs. This type of trolls work exceptionally well with a Shaman and possibly a Druid. Note that this character may unsettle some people unless you're on an RP server.



Trolls are few in number, but very cunning and cruel creatures. They are not above setting traps, ambushes, or other guerrilla tactics. Survival, regardless of how it is achieved is victory.


While Orcs go for big, Trolls go for what kills. Trolls prefer dangerous yet not harmful to the user. Axes, Staffs and Swords are all employed by Trolls. In ranged combat they prefer bows over guns. Magic is part of Trolls combat as it is for most races.

Starting ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you started roleplaying a troll. There are many possibilities:


Trolls make good mercenaries due to their practical nature in battle. Go after enemies, take wanted posters. Suggested Class: Warrior or Rogue.

Witch Doctor

Take up herbalism, live in Sen'jin Village and heal the sick or bless other players with the power of voodoo. And as the spiritual leader of the trolls, lend wise advice to others. There are many variants on this particular story. Suggested Class: Shaman, priest or a Mage.

The Horde Warrior

Join the Horde and fight the Alliance, Burning Legion and Scourge as a proud Darkspear. Remember your cruelty can be an asset against even crueler forces like the Burning Legion and Scourge. Suggested Class: Any.

The Treasure Hunter

Join dungeon groups in exchange for boons. You would go into Blackrock Spire for the treasure only and care little about what you would kill while in there. You will definitely need very good gear for this. Suggested Class: Any.

The Berserker

Many trolls fight savagely, letting their wounds and their rage to overtake all senses. They care only for destroying any or all enemies. Use the power of hatred that trolls have strived off of for thousands of years. These barbaric brutes only care about battle, rushing in without any regard for their safety, relying on their brawn and ferocity in combat. Many trolls have tasted [Berserking] in some form, but the true masters are the ones who go toe to toe with the enemy rather then attack from afar. This feature of berserking is not unique to trolls, but the trolls slack and agile bodies with long arms makes them one of the best of fighters relying on rage. Some have control of their fierce emotions during berserking, becoming more dangerous and focused on the slaughter then a lesser trained troll. Suggested Classes : Warrior, Enhancement Shaman, Death Knight

Pyro Maniac

Trolls are maniacal fighters. But none are as sadistic then the pyromaniacs. these trolls use various forms of fire, from fire magic to carefully crafted goblin bombs to lay waste to a outpost or group of enemies. Troll Bat-riders are trained as scouts, but many have vials of volatile oils that explode and burn buildings and people. Their rather cruel obsession has been seen over and over in arcane and fire mages, burning their enemies with unstable arcane energy or magical flame; cackling as their opponents burn. Suggested Classes : Fire/Arcane Mage, Elemental/Enhancement shaman, Survial Hunter, Any Class with Goblin Engineering.

The Wise

These crafty trolls lead their people with tales of the past or their own tales of glory. Many have a deeper understanding with the land and life. Casting away their hatred to reach more intellectual goals, they seek more knowledge and learn from their own mistakes. Many young trolls believe the path of their people is not war but rather living with the land. These accepted shamanism and druidism within their race, much to the dismay of the fateful to the old ways. after all, trolls are not known to love change. Suggested Classes: Druid, Shaman, Priest, Protection Warrior.

The Cunning

If trolls are not the smartest race in Azeroth, then they are the most deadly. These sinister trolls care only to best their opponent with humiliation and taunts, leading them into a blind rage. Then they foil them yet again, laughing at their opponents' sluggish attacks. They strike from the shadows, and revel in torment. they further their own goals and keep their secrets to the grave. All they care about is power and how to achieve it. Suggested Classes : Arms Warrior, Rogue, Shadow Priest, Death Knight.

Trolls are often misunderstood :

Trolls are known as a ancient, barbaric race, as many are hostile and considered evil. This prejudice is applied to the Darkspears, though they try and stand out as being much more sophisticated than their forest or jungle brethren. They never trust anyone first, unless they show extreme kindness or understanding. They usually hang out in groups, tending to be with others of their own kind who understands them better. But Darkspear trolls has one thing that many trolls lack : A sense of protection. If they ever see anyone the care about deeply, no matter the race, they well do anything to avenge them.

Many taurens distrust trolls for their darker ways. Forsaken always seem to regard trolls with a mixture of contempt and respect. being former humans and elves.

Blood elves, in their arrogance, have declared trolls vile and sickening. Many feuds in the past including the Troll wars, when the Darkspears were loyal to the Warlord of the forest trolls, Zul'jin existed between the elves and trolls. However, some blood elves have grown to care for Troll hunters and warriors, pointing out they are excellent archers and care for the wild things.

As for the Orcs, if it wasn't for the Warchief Thrall, the Darkspear would have all died. No other race has ever stuck up to the trolls as selflessly as the orcs, as orc and troll warriors fought and died together first against the murlocs and the sea witch and then the invasion of the humans. Therefore trolls and orcs mostly are friendly to each other. However, with the ascension of the new Warchief Garrosh Hellscream and Vol'jin's disagreement with him, could make some orcs loyal to Garrosh disapprove the trolls.

Trolls treat goblins with respect and care. Goblins do not discrimiate trolls at all, as to goblins, anyone with coins is a valuable customer. But goblins may secretly hold a bit of contempt against the trolls, as they have revolted against their jungle troll oppressors and reversed the tables by making them their slaves.

So never rush to make friends. Rememebr you are misunderstood by many races, and there are prejudices already existent around you. So you should keep your distance unless they show the kindness Thrall has shown in the past, or a friendly drink of ale together to a hunt.