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Howling Oak

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The Howling Oak
For the quest, see A [10] The Howling Oak.

The Howling Oak, located in the night elf capital of Darnassus, is the new home of the Gilnean refugees after the fall of Gilneas. It is dominated by a "worgen tree" very similar to Tal'doren in the Blackwald.

The tree, as its name implies, is an actual oak tree. It was grown through the aid of the night elf druids from a seed taken from Gilneas. It stands for all the Gilneans have endured, and all that their people accomplished.[1]

The Howling Oak is considerably cleaner than the Goblin Slums of Orgrimmar but also offers far fewer amenities, with its main highlight being the class trainers. Its primary purpose is for the druids of Darnassus to welcome the refugees. Genn Greymane makes a brief appearance here at the end of the worgen starting experience. It would seem that Gwen Armstead is holding the fort while he is in Stormwind with Varian.


The People of Gilneas in the Oak
Genn and Gwen.jpg

Class Trainers


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