Hugh Glass

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NeutralHugh Glass
Image of Hugh Glass
Title <Merchant>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 74 - 75
Health 4,524 - 4,652
Reaction Alliance Horde
Former affiliation(s) Grizzly Hills trappers
Occupation Vendor
Location Redwood Trading Post, Grizzly Hills
Status Alive
Companion(s) Griselda

Hugh Glass is a level 75 human trapper[1] who seems to have gone mad. He can be found in Redwood Trading Post, Grizzly Hills living with his bear companion Griselda. You can return to him and buy even if you've done A Bear of an Appetite.

Objective of



Inv cask 02.png [Howlin' Good Moonshine]
Inv misc food 70.png 5x [Silvercoat Stag Meat]


Limpy Joe, it's you. It's really you!
Conversation with Griselda
Wake up, Griselda. Here, girl.
They'll never find us here, will they? We won't let them get us like they got Limpy Joe and Flannel McGee!
No, we escaped from those monsters! They're nothing like us, Griselda.
We're hunters, you and I. No wolfmen here, no ma'am.
Keep an eye out for them, girl! Don't let them get us!
When completing N [75] A Bear of an Appetite
By the Light, you killed Limpy Joe and took the meat! How did you know where to find us?
Well, if you've come to kill me, too, can you at least wait until I've fed Griselda? Poor girl hasn't eaten in days.
Here girl. I've got one last meal for you before Limpy Joe's killer does us in!
How could you kill poor, defenseless old Joe? And why did you bring the meat back?
You're an enigma, that's what you are... And let me tell you, enigmas and I don't get along....
I think you'd best leave before Griselda decides she's in the mood for dessert.
During H [73] In the Name of Loken
Gossip "Calm down. I want to you[sic] ask you about the iron dwarves and Loken."
That's not something Limpy Joe would ask! But yeah, I know Loken.
He's out to get me, too! I'd be careful around here if I was you, traveler. You never know which tree he's hiding behind!


  • Hugh Glass (c. 1780–1833) was an American fur trapper and frontiersman noted for his exploits in the American West during the first third of the 19th century. In 1823, he was nearly killed by a grizzly bear and left for dead by his companions. Despite his severe wounds, including a broken leg, he set out on a 200-mile journey to the nearest settlement, where he recuperated and confronted the men who had abandoned him. He was killed along with two of his companions ten years later in an Indian attack.

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