Hungry Nether Rays

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NeutralHungry Nether Rays

70 (Requires 70)


N [70] To Skettis!

Take a nether ray out to feed. See what they are like. Surely you will love them.


Use the Nether Ray Cage in the woods south of Blackwind Landing and slay Blackwind Warp Chasers near the Hungry Nether Ray. Return to Skyguard Handler Deesak when you've completed your task.


Nether Rays are surprisingly loyal and obedient once properly trained. Unfortunately the war on Skettis is taking a toll on them.

We have dozens of sorties a day - the poor fellows rarely get a break. And with recent shortages on feed, if those blasted birdmen don't kill them on a mission then starvation will.

If you can lend a hand, take one of our rays to the woods in the south. They don't mind warp chaser meat as long as it's a fresh kill.


Thanks for taking care of the ray, <name>. Goodness knows these guys fly much better when they're well-fed. We don't want our boys getting shot down because their ray was too weak to fly.



The nether ray is summoned as a non-combat pet, in the category of "vanity pet". It will not attract aggro on its own.

This works even better with multiple people! You get credit for one Nether Ray Feeding per Ray that feeds. That is a group of 5 people with Rays around a single kill will get credit for 5 feedings.

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