Hunter Bonetusk

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MobHunter Bonetusk
Image of Hunter Bonetusk
Title <Pack Leader>
Gender Male
Race Quilboar (Humanoid)
Level 32 - 62 Elite
Class Hunter
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Razorfen tribe
Location Razorfen Kraul[82.0, 51.0]
Status Killable

Hunter Bonetusk is a quilboar in Razorfen Kraul.

Adventure Guide

If a hunter's accomplishments are measured by the trophies they return with, Bonetusk would be regarded as one of the best. His cunning aim and animalistic instincts brought his hunting and tracking abilities to new heights, and only the strong stand a chance to survive against this veteran hunter.


  • Ability searingarrow.png  Volley Important — Sets his sights on a player, then fires a volley of flaming arrows nearby. Being struck by an arrow inflicts Fire damage.
  • Ability hunter efficiency.png  Barrage Tank Alert — Focuses his vision, rapidly firing a barrage of arrows at his target, inflicting Physical damage every half-second for 2 sec.
  • Ability hunter bestialdiscipline.png  Stampede — Upon reaching half health, Hunter Bonetusk calls forth a stampede of boars over several seconds, inflicting Physical damage to any player struck by the boars.



Hunters, arm your traps. I smell something...
My boars will overrun you!
Pin them!
Many shots, one kill!
Run them through!
Killed a player
Another trophy for the pen!
Hunter Bonetusk yells: You will never take my glory!
Razorfen Scarblade yells: Defend the Kraul with your life!


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