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Huntress Estrid

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MobHuntress Estrid
Image of Huntress Estrid
Gender Female
Race Vrykul (Humanoid)
Level 112 Rare Elite
Class Hunter
Health 27,805,324
Wealth 2g 22s 18c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Tideskorn
Location Hrydshal, Stormheim
Status Killable
Companion(s) Halfdan

Huntress Estrid is a vrykul located in a camp in Hrydshal in Stormheim. She has a bear pet named Halfdan.


  • Barrage - Fires a rain of arrows in a cone in front of the caster inflicting Physcial damage every 0.5 sec for 4 sec.
  • Bear Trap - Throws a trap towards a random target. Triggering the trap stuns the target for 3 sec and inflicts 140000 Physical damage every 2 sec for 12 sec.
  • Command: Charge! - Huntress Estrid commands Halfdan to charge towards a random player inflicting Physical damage to all enemies between Halfden[sic] and the target, stunning them for 2 sec.
  • Shoot - Shoots at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage.

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