Huojin Monk

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NeutralHuojin Monk
Image of Huojin Monk
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 5/15
Class Monk
Health 204/384
Reaction Friendly
Affiliation(s) Huojin Pandaren
Location Wandering Isle; Orgrimmar
Status Alive

Huojin Monks can be found inside the Shrine of Inner-Light and defending Morning Breeze Village against the Fe-Feng tribe on the Wandering Isle. Others made their way to Orgrimmar with Ji Firepaw.


The monk inside the Shrine of Inner-Light provides a warning for adventuring pandaren on the quest N [4] The Spirit's Guardian:

The fire spirit is upset. It's dangerous to enter the shrine now...
Orgrimmar - Vol'jin's death
  • Those who lead sacrifice a great many things.
  • It is a sad day indeed.
  • Today we remember. Tomorrow we train.


  • When he follows you for a quest, Ji Firepaw is replaced for the other players by a generic Huojin Monk.

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