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A Defias Squallshaper in the TCG.
Hydromancer Kulratha, a powerful hydromancer troll.

The name hydromancer (aka aquamancer,[1] aquamage,[2] and squallshaper) is generally accepted to refer to spellcasters who specialize in water-based spells or hydromancy.

Races and factions


The navy of Kul Tiras included some hydromancers and Elite Hydromancers.[3]

The Tidesages of Kul Tiras have magical dominion over the oceans, controlling water, storms, and wind. All seaworthy Kul Tiran vessels are blessed by the Tidesages, who commune with the sea to guide the nation's legendary fleet.

Zerx Hydromon was a mage specializing in hydromancy.


Some murlocs were able to become Tidewalker Hydromancers in the service of Morogrim Tidewalker.


In Serpentshrine Cavern, Hydromancer Thespia oversees the naga's quest to drain the region's water supply.


In Sandfury tribe, Hydromancer Velratha commands the sacred water of Zul'Farrak and serves Gahz'rilla, a hydra.

Twilight's Hammer

The Twilight's Hammer use some hydromancers, called Twilight Aquamancers, mainly in Blackfathom Deeps. The race varies.


Hydromancy uses mainly water, frost, lightning[4] as basis of spells. Some can invoke a water elemental. Most spells using in hydromancy come from various classes such as frost mage, shaman, and druid.




A hydromancer hermit in Old Hatreds.

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