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For the raid instance, see Battle for Mount Hyjal (instance). For the modern zone see, see Mount Hyjal.
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Hyjal Summit is a region of northern Kalimdor, located on top of Mount Hyjal.

It is southwest of Winterspring, east of Felwood, northeast of Ashenvale, and northwest of Azshara. While it was closed zone throughout classic WoW, a portion of it can be visited during the Battle for Mount Hyjal instance.

In the Caverns of Time, players are able to travel to a past version of Hyjal, reliving the Battle for Mount Hyjal as part of a 25-man raid instance, with players assisting Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Thrall, and Jaina Proudmoore in defending the World Tree from the clutches of the evil Archimonde.

Lore and the Battle for Mount Hyjal (Caverns of Time version)

The Burning Crusade This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Archimonde assaults Nordrassil.
Battle of Mount Hyjal

The raid instance mirrors the last level of Warcraft III, Twilight of the Gods. The units wear the same clothes they had in Warcraft III. For instance, Horde Shamans wear the same wolf-like fur on their heads. The events begin in the Alliance base. Jaina commands the base with a small army of Alliance NPCs. After starting the event by talking to her, the raid has to face eight waves of elite undead, such as Ghouls, Crypt fiends, or Abominations. Units have exactly the same abilities they had in Warcraft III, such as [Cannibalize] for Ghouls, "Disease Aura" for Abominations, or "Brilliance Aura" for Jaina. After 8 waves, the first boss comes: the lich Rage Winterchill, who was also present in Warcraft III. After Winterchill is dead, talking to Jaina again gets the next boss and his assorted trash waves coming — dreadlord Anetheron. Once Anetheron is taken down, the Alliance forces are defeated and the base is overrun by an unstoppable wave of undead. The raid has to move up the mountain to the Horde base.

Just like Jaina did, Thrall assists in person and with several Horde NPCs. The Undead Scourge and Burning Legion keeps sending Necromancers, Banshees, Gargoyles, Infernals, and even Frost Wyrms against the defenders of Azeroth. The boss waves are started by talking to Thrall, first Kaz'rogal (which was not present in Warcraft III), and then the last lieutenant of the Burning Legion, the pit lord commander Azgalor.

Once again, the base falls, and the raid must now help the last defenders of the world, Tyrande Whisperwind and her Sentinels: Archers, Huntresses, Druids of the Claw, and Druids of the Talon. Archimonde is busy chanelling the World Tree as the players enter the base. Besides providing an important piece of equipment (the  [Tears of the Goddess]), Tyrande and her NPCs help the players by holding off invading Ghouls, Crypt Fiends, and Abominations during the battle. The raid must bring Archimonde down to 10% health, at which point a large group of Ancient Wisps attack him and destroys once and for all the mighty demon lord.







  • Even though the map said "Mount Hyjal", the name "Hyjal Summit" is used as a proper noun in the Warcraft III mission "The Druids Arise".


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