I'll Just Leave This Here

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NeutralI'll Just Leave This Here

110 (Requires 110)





Place Energy Disruptors at the energy sources in Teloth'aran, Kel'balor and Elor'shan in Suramar.

  • Teloth'aran Disruptor placed
  • Kel'balor Disruptor placed
  • Elor'shan Disruptor placed


Valtrois has a plan for the Sanctum's energy barrier.

Several key Arcway locations throughout Suramar harness the power necessary for it. These Energy Disruptors she made will remotely break the links simultaneously on activation, causing the barrier to fall.

Take these devices and install them at the leylines, then return here for the surprise assault on the Sanctum.


You will receive: 19g 40s
Inv datacrystal06.png [Undertuned Attunement Crystal]


The preparations are nearly complete. Oculeth will be ready to teleport us soon.



Starting with Elor'shan, take the portal to the Twilight Vineyards and head north into the Crimson Thicket. The entrance will be just east of the flight master.[65.9, 42.0] Once inside, fight your way through until you've reached the far end that's due north from the entrance. The energy disruptor will be there.

Head back outside. (If you've been quick enough, you won't need to fight your way back out.) Head west from Elor'shan until you see a staircase below. Jump down and enter Kel'balor.[59.3, 42.9] Kel'balor uses the same layout as Elor'shan, with the only difference being the direction it faces. Here, you need to beware the emitted purple beams, which inflict heavy damage and ticks quickly. If you have a large amount of health, you can run through them if you take the time to heal yourself up in-between. Otherwise, it's recommended that you time the mechanic for when there is no beam in the way.

Now that you're done here, return to the outdoors and go up the staircase. Follow the path westward until it meets up with the main path. At that fork, take the one on your right and stick with it until you reach the entrance to Teloth'aran.[54.7, 46.1] The layout is entirely different from the prior ruins, but simple to understand. Pick a side to go through, as both lead into the main chamber. The energy disruptor will be there, behind an unrelated Wriggling Cocoon.

Now that the energy disruptors have been put into place, it's time to return to Shal'Aran and make good on all that work.

Distruptor placed
Ley Line Channeler says: You there! What are you doing?


  1. N [110] Insurrection: Breaking the Nighthold (optional)
  2. N [110] A Taste of Freedom
  3. N [110] I'll Just Leave This Here
  4. N [110] Breaching the Sanctum (grants Breaking the Nighthold achievement credit)
  5. N [110R] The Nighthold: Lord of the Shadow Council
  6. N [110R] The Nighthold: The Eye of Aman'Thul
  7. N [110] Fate of the Nightborne

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