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I'm Not Dead Yet!

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AllianceI'm Not Dead Yet!

80 (Requires 78)


22050 (or 13g 23s at 80)


7g 40s

This quest is mutually exclusive with A [80] Let's Get Out of Here. Which quest you get is dependent on which phase you are in when you talk to Father Kamaros.

The Horde versions are H [78] Let's Get Out of Here! and I'm Not Dead Yet!.


Escort Father Kamaros to safety and then report to Absalan the Pious aboard the Skybreaker.

  • Escort Father Kamaros to safety


The Light smiles upon me. I have not yet died in this living nightmare, but the Scourge will kill me and tear my body apart for use in their 'work' here if I cannot escape.

I cannot make it on my own, my child, but with your help, I may yet live to fight the Scourge again.

Will you help me make my escape before the Scourge's butchers come to finish me off?


You will receive: 7g 40s


Thank the Light. I'd thought Father Kamaros dead, or worse. Through your bravery and compassion, you have restored a great ally to the Argent Crusade. You have my thanks and those of the crusade.

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