I Need to Cask a Favor

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AllianceI Need to Cask a Favor

120 (Requires 10)




+250 Ironforge


+2 Cooking Skill
[Epicurean's Award]
16g 54s (at level 85)


Pick up the Cask of Drugan's IPA outside the brewery in Kharanos and run it back to Ironforge.


My stocks o' IPA, that's Ironforge Pale Ale for ye novices, are gettin' low. Luckily, the brewery isn't too far away an' they should have a new cask o' Drugan's IPA waitin' fer us. That Drugan's a genius of a brewer, I tell ye.

I won't be able to get down to Kharanos meself today, but perhaps ye can dash down there, pick up the new cask an' run it back 'ere? What d'ye say?


You will receive:


Well, did ye get the cask or not?


Daryl Riknussun says: There ye are! I was startin' to think ye'd made off with the beer!

Ah, well done! I tell ye, that Drugan's a true polymath -- explorer, historian, brewer -- is there anythin' that man hasn't mastered?



Travel down to Kharanos by flight path or mount, and the cask will be right outside Thunderbrew Distillery beside Ragnar Thunderbrew. Point yourself a clear path towards Ironforge, then click on the cask to buff yourself with "Beer Delivery: Carrying a cask of fresh Drugan's IPA. Bring it back to the Bronze Kettle in Ironforge!". It will last for three minutes, automatically dismounting and dashing you at 140% movement speed, and placing a cask on your back and a jaunty  [Green Brewfest Hat] on your head. The dash will end once you reach Daryl Riknussun, or the buff is removed, or if time runs out.

If you are a level 42 mage and have bought your Portal: Ironforge spell from a portal trainer, simply set up a portal in front of Grady Bannson's pet cages and aim yourself at it before clicking on the cask.

Attacking something or shapeshifting will dispell the buff. As long as you don't make a drastic detour, you should easily get back in time. If you are not familiar with the way back to the city or the layout of Ironforge, it would be best to review your path first. If you wish to experiment with the buff, use Kharanos's buildings or the immediate vicinity to stay close to the cask.

The Drugan mentioned in the quest is most likely Prospector Drugan at Gol'Bolar Quarry.

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