Iceblood Graveyard

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"Iceblood" redirects here. For the tower, see Iceblood Tower. For the garrison, see Iceblood Garrison.
Horde Iceblood Graveyard
Iceblood Graveyard.jpeg
Iceblood Graveyard on a cloudy day after being captured by Alliance.

'IB' or 'IB GY'




Iceblood Graveyard is the Frostwolf Clan's northernmost graveyard in Alterac Valley. It is one of the first two / three Horde targets for the Alliance when the battle starts due to the fact that it quickly allows Horde players to defend Iceblood Garrison and Iceblood Tower or for the Horde to attack the Alliance bases (Stonehearth Outpost and Stonehearth Bunker particularly).

Like all Horde owned graveyards, it is protected by 4 Frostwolf Guardians at the start of the battle. It takes 4 minutes for the graveyard to finish switching control once the flag is captured. Guards are replaced when the graveyard switches control or after a length of time.

The spawning point itself is just northeast of the graveyard flag, on a plateau that overlooks the Field of Strife. Often Horde players will go down the side of the steep hill to get to the Field of Strife, therefore bypassing the Alliance which must use the path to the west. Frostwolf Bowmen in Iceblood Tower overlook this path, providing some defense for the graveyard.

The hill that separates the graveyard spawn point and the graveyard flag can be climbed (from where the graveyard flag is) making it an excellent position for ranged players and healers to defend the flag.

The graveyard is located just north of the chokepoint between Tower Point and the graveyard flag. This chokepoint is key for both the Alliance and Horde forces. For the Horde, this is one of the places that can stall, hold, and prevent the Alliance surging further south. For the Alliance, holding the chokepoint prevents any Horde players from slipping around the Alliance force to capture their own bases.