Icy Prism

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  • Icy Prism
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Open>
  • "Several dazzling gems hide inside...."


This item is created with Jewelcrafting (425); taught by trainers. Creating this item has a 20 hour cooldown, similarly to  [Brilliant Glass].

Materials required:
Spell frost frozencore.png 1x [Frozen Orb] Inv jewelcrafting gem 10.png 1x [Chalcedony]
Inv jewelcrafting gem 11.png 1x [Shadow Crystal] Inv jewelcrafting gem 07.png 1x [Dark Jade]


Icy Prisms contain 2-3 rare Northrend gems and also may contain a  [Dragon's Eye] (about 10% chance) or an epic Gem (about 8% chance).

Patch changes

The number of each gem necessary has been reduced from 3 to 1.

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