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Ignaeus Trollbane

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NeutralIgnaeus Trollbane
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Title Lord
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Arathor
Occupation General
Location Unknown
Status Deceased[1]
Relative(s) Liam, Thoras, Galen, Danath (descendants)
Companion(s) Thoradin & Lordain ("brothers")[2]

In ancient times the Arathorian Empire fought against the Amani trolls. They were led by Strom's most capable general, Lord Ignaeus of Strom, who came to be known as Trollbane. Ignaeus along with his people originally dwelled among the slopes around the Alterac Mountains.[3]

He led the first human civilization of Arathor in war against the forest trolls. His blade was Trol'kalar--troll slayer, in their ancient tongue.[4][5] After the departure of Thoradin's ruling descendants one thousand years or so after Strom's founding, the Trollbane family ascended to the throne by rebuilding Strom's crumbling infrastructure and renamed it Stromgarde.[6]

The Trollbanes, children of the legendary and feared Ignaeus Trollbane, were wielders of the dread sword Trol'Kalar, and the greatest champions of the realm.


  • An unused NPC representing Ignaeus[7] is situated in the same ID range as other legendary warriors presumably meant to appear in Skyhold. He and most of these NPCs didn't make it out of the Legion alpha stage.



Preceded by:
Position created
Lord of House Trollbane
Succeeded by:
Unknown, eventually Liam Trollbane