Ignition (Uldum)

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83 (Requires 83)




8g 60s


N [83] Tailgunner!


Recover the Lens of the Sun.

Provided item:  [Titan Activation Device]


This guy just won't go down!

You're doin' great, kid. Only one thing left to do.

According to my research, there should be a titan statue down below. Use the device to activate it, then break it down.

If my theory is correct, that statue holds the key to reactivating this obelisk.


You will receive: 8g 60s


Time to see if this old mechanism still works...


According to Harrison's notes, placing the lens upon this dais should re-activate the obelisk.

Exactly what that means remains to be seen...


Circle around the obelisk to find the stairs leading down just south of it. At the base of the stairs on the high platform is the Titan Mechanism, where the quest will be completed. Look to the east. Down a level on the floor of the cave at [47.2, 58.8] is the Titanic Guardian. Use the activation device to activate him. It is a level 85 elite with 232,470 health. This is effectively a boss fight, but quite soloable. It has the following abilities:

  • Blazing Eruption — Erupts with flame in all directions, creating fire pools randomly within a 0 yard radius. These pools deal Fire damage on impact. A flame circle appears on the ground where the fireball will land, which hits for ~5500 Fire
  • Burning Gaze — Channeling fiery rays of destruction. Hits for 4400-4800 Fire
  • Summon Meteor — Summoning an Orb of the Sun Launched at a random unit fighting him. Units where it will land are inflicted with..
    • Burning Adrenaline Rush — Movement speed increased by 50% Lasts for 5 seconds. If players don't get out of the way...
    • Meteor Impact — Deals Fire damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back Hits for ~6k Fire
    • Backlash — Deals Fire damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back. Hits for about 75k on the Titanic Guardian when its Meteor is thrown back at it.
  • Decrepit Run — Movement speed reduced by 50% A persistent debuff on the guardian only.
  • Melee — ~6k on cloth

Try to keep the guardian at range, as it will melee. Melee players need not worry, as the guardian will throw meteors on occasion, which can be thrown back at the guardian to deal huge amounts of damage.

Watch out for the Blazing Eruptions, which are marked on the ground a few seconds before they land, and dodge his eye beam. He will throw the meteor, which "debuffs" players with the Burning Adrenaline Rush, which should be used to escape the immediate area or take ~6000 Fire damage. The meteor, when it lands, triggers a boss warning:

Use the meteor to launch a critical attack on the Titanic Guardian!

Right-click on it to launch it back at the guardian. They may bug and all get stuck in the air, but it might not matter to win.

It is quite possible to end the fight without taking any damage at all. Once the guardian is down, loot the lens and head back to the elevated platform.

On complete, a big explosion happens and some fire and light shoots up. Players wind up next to Harrison on the surface. Talk to him to pick up N [83] Tailgunner!


  1. N [83] That Gleam in his Eye
  2. N [83] I've Got This Guy / N [83] They Don't Know What They've Got Here
  3. N [83] Ignition
  4. N [83] Tailgunner!

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