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Illandria Belore

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HordeIllandria Belore
Image of Illandria Belore
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 100
Health 146,781
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Silvermoon City, Reliquary
Location Warspear Outpost, Ashran
Status Alive

Illandria Belore is a blood elf found in Warspear Outpost, Ashran. She is discussing the search for a mysterious artifact with Examiner Rahm Flameheart.


  • Illandria Belore: Has Belloc come any closer to finding the location of this mysterious artifact?
Examiner Rahm Flameheart: He's had some leads, but nothing terribly solid yet.
Illandria Belore: We must make haste if we wish to find it before Dr. Jones gets his hands on it.
Examiner Rahm Flameheart: Agreed, there is no telling what the Alliance might do with such a powerful weapon. We must petition for more aid before out cause becomes lost.
  • Illandria Belore: These Steamwheedle goblins are reprehensible! They'll do anything to make a quick coin!
Examiner Rahm Flameheart: What did they do this time?
Illandria Belore: They've started selling souvenirs!
Examiner Rahm Flameheart: We're barely recovering from our assault on the dark portal, and they're setting up a tourism racket? Surely you must be joking.
Illandria Belore: I wish it were a jest. They've been stringing together artifact fragments and selling them as jewelry. The nerve of them to treat a priceless such a way!

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