Illidari Darkdealer

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NeutralIllidari Darkdealer
Image of Illidari Darkdealer
Race(s) Night elf, Blood elf
Level 100
Class Demon hunter
Location Various

Illidari Darkdealers are level 100 demon hunters that can be found at the Illidari camps in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar. The quartermaster sells an assortment of items using Nethershards as currency.


  • They also appeared at the Illidari camps around Azeroth during the Legion Invasions.
  • Although the event has since concluded, the vendor can still be found in-game for those wishing to spend any remaining [Nethershard].
  • Unlike other modern demon hunters, their eyes do not glow with fel energy.

Vendor information

Inv ore feliron.png [Felstone]
3 Nethershard
Inv potione 2.png [Potion of Fel Protection]
3 Nethershard
Inv firstaid bandage.png [Battle-Mender's Dressing]
1 Nethershard


This is only the beginning.

Gossip I wish to browse your goods.

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