Illyanna Stonewood

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MobIllyanna Stonewood
Image of Illyanna Stonewood
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Undead)
Level 27
Health 690
Mana 732
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Highborne
Location Ruins of Eldre'thar, Stonetalon Mountains

The ghost of Illyanna Stonewood wanders the Ruins of Eldre'thar in Stonetalon Mountains. She and the other ghosts are reliving their past lives. She seems to relive Allendril Fallcreek's proposals and her rejecting him.

Attacks and abilities

  • Ability mage deepfreeze.png  Cold Hearted — Causes 92 to 107 Frost damage and stuns the target for 4 sec. Cost 8% of base mana


Allendril Fallcreek says: Illyanna, why do you spurn me? I would weave a web to catch the sun, if you were to ask me to do so!
Illyanna Stonewood says: Then why don't you go and do that? My friends and I have better things to do!

Allendril Fallcreek says: Oh, Illyanna, I love you!
Illyanna Stonewood says: Away from me, lowborn scum! Perhaps you did not notice my boot in your face the first time!
Allendril Fallcreek says: That was the greatest moment of my life...

Allendril Fallcreek says: Oh, Illyanna, your eyes, they are so beautiful.
Illyanna Stonewood says: Yes. They are even more beautiful without your reflection in them.

Allendril Fallcreek says: To hold you in my arms would be the fulfillment of my dreams. Come down from there, let us travel far away from here!
Illyanna Stonewood says: You go ahead and start your travels. I'll catch up with you right after I finish tending to my hair.

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