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Imagined Dragons World Tour

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Imagined Dragons World Tour
  • Defeat Ysondre in The Emerald Nightmare while all members of the raid have Dream Essences from all four gateway locations on Normal difficulty or higher.

Imagined Dragons World Tour is an achievement earned by ensuring that all members of the raid group possess all four Dream Essences before defeating the Dragons of Nightmare encounter in the Emerald Nightmare on Normal difficulty or higher.

Located around the encounter room are four portals that lead to four specific locations away from the instance. When a player enters a portal, they gain a Dream Essence buff unique to that portal. To obtain the achievement, all members of the raid must have entered every portal at least once, thereby gaining all four the Dream Essences, before the encounter is defeated.

It will be necessary to separate the raid into different groups (at least two) to ensure that some are left behind to fight the bosses while the others are gone to get the Dream Essences.

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  • The name of the achievement is likely a reference to the American rock band Imagine Dragons. This is also a play on the fact that the other Dragons of Nightmare fought during the encounter are likely to be figments of Ysondre's imagination, while each of the portals leads to a different location around the world.

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