Imp Mother (Mardum)

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This article is about a Mardum mob. For the Stormheim mob, see Imp Mother (Stormheim). For the Broken Shore mob, see Imp Mother (Broken Shore). For the race as a whole, see imp mother.
MobImp Mother
Image of Imp Mother
Gender Female
Race Imp mother (Demon)
Level 98
Health 73,150
Mana 24,394
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Despair Ridge, Mardum
Status Killable

Imp Mothers are imp mothers located at Despair Ridge on Mardum.


  • Rain of Imps


  • I'm so hungry.
  • My meal comes to me.
  • Come, my little imps, dance for mother.
  • My children will cook you up nicely.
  • The Legion's victory is inevitable, child.
  • I'll deliver you to Tyranna myself.
  • Filthy, little elf. I can taste the fel energy on you.
  • Intruders! Someone warn the Doom Commander!

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