Imperator Mar'gok

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NeutralImperator Mar'gok
Image of Imperator Mar'gok
Title Imperator
Gender Male
Race Ogre mage
Class Sorcerer
Affiliation(s) Gorian Empire, Highmaul clan
Occupation Sorcerer king of the Gorian Empire
Status Deceased

Imperator Mar'gok was the last sorcerer king of the Gorian Empire. As the Orcish Horde marched across Draenor, the Warsong and Twilight's Hammer clans were tasked with toppling the ogre bastion of Highmaul. The siege was particularly gratifying for the Twilight's Hammer chieftain Cho'gall, who himself was a former citizen of Highmaul. He was eager to enact vengeance upon those who had exiled him from the city and sought out and confronted Mar'gok. Both of them were two-headed ogres and gifted sorcerers, but only Cho'gall had learned the secrets of both fel and Void magic. Armed with these powers, Cho'gall bound Mar'gok to his throne and burned the rival ogre mage alive.[1]


Preceded by:
Unnamed warlord
Imperator of the Gorian Empire
Succeeded by: