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The Imperial Plate is an 7-piece armor set with heavy stamina and strength bonuses, crafted by Blacksmithing. During the World of Warcraft alpha, the armor set was intended to equip human footmen.[1]


All items are crafted via Blacksmithing

Item Crafting materials Thorium bars for plans
 [Imperial Plate Belt] 6x  [Rugged Leather], 10x  [Thorium Bar] 10
 [Imperial Plate Boots] 18x  [Thorium Bar] 20
 [Imperial Plate Bracers] 12x  [Thorium Bar] 10
 [Imperial Plate Chest] 20x  [Thorium Bar] 30
 [Imperial Plate Helm] 18x  [Thorium Bar], 1x  [Star Ruby] 25
 [Imperial Plate Leggings] 24x  [Thorium Bar] 30
 [Imperial Plate Shoulders] 6x  [Rugged Leather], 12x  [Thorium Bar] 10

It takes 135 Thorium Bars to get all the plans. Once a blacksmith has all the plans, it takes the following materials for a full set:

114x  [Thorium Bar], 12x  [Rugged Leather], 1x  [Star Ruby]



Imperial Plate


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