Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

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BossImperial Vizier Zor'lok
Image of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
Title <Voice of the Empress>
Gender Male
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Heart of Fear
Status Deceased (lore), Killable (WoW)
Heart of Fear

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
Blade Lord Ta'yak
Wind Lord Mel'jarak
Amber-Shaper Un'sok
Grand Empress Shek'zeer



Imperial Vizier Zor'lok was Grand Empress Shek'zeer's 'voice,' the one who delivered her messages and will onto her fear-driven armies. He is first seen in N [90] The Empress' Gambit where he is challenged by and kills the Klaxxi Paragon Malik the Unscathed. He guarded the way into the Dread Approach until killed by Klaxxi-aligned adventurers.

Zor'lok is the first boss of the Heart of Fear.


Adventure Guide

Zor'lok shrieks his proclamations so they're heard throughout the sprawling mantid palace. He is the Voice of the Empress, and his words alone inspire the insectoid race's warriors to give their lives without question. Unwaveringly loyal, Zor'lok will stop at nothing to defend his beloved matriarch, regardless of the corruption within her.

Spells and Abilities

  • Spell druid stamedingroar.png  Inhale — Imperial Vizier Zor'lok takes a large breath to fill his lungs. Inhale increases the damage of Exhale by 100% for each stack present and lasts until Exhale triggers with 3 or more stacks.
  • Spell shadow psychicscream.png  Exhale — Imperial Vizier Zor'lok selects a random player and screams at them, inflicting Physical damage and stunning them for 6 sec. The first player between Imperial Vizier Zor'lok and the initial target suffers additional Physical damage every 0.5 seconds.
  • Trade archaeology delicatemusicbox.png  Song of the Empress Deadly — When Imperial Vizier Zor'lok finishes a transition he will raise his voice in praise to the empress. Failing to engage Imperial Vizier Zor'lok in melee combat will result in him inflicting Physical damage to all players until they die. Engaging Imperial Vizier Zor'lok in melee combat will end this effect.[Notes 1]

Stage 1: Her Gifts are Many

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok flies to a random platform in the room, then attacks the players from there. When Zor'lok loses 20% of his total health, he changes positions to a different platform. Imperial Vizier Zor'lok gains one ability while at each platform, but loses that ability when he moves to a different platform.

  • Spell holiday tow spicecloud.png  Pheromones of Zeal Important — The lower section of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok's chamber fills with toxic Pheromones of Zeal. Players in the area suffer 20,000[Notes 2] damage per second and are silenced for as long as they are in the area of effect.
  • Ability warrior battleshout.png  Attenuation — Imperial Vizier Zor'lok emits a dizzying series of sonic rings that travel outward from him in a spiraling pattern. Sonic rings inflict 138,750 to 161,250 Physical damage to all targets in their path. In 10 and 25 player Heroic Difficulty, Attenuation also sends out Sonic Pulses. Sonic Pulses inflict 277,500 to 322,500 Physical damage to all targets in their path.
  • Warrior disruptingshout.png  Force and Verve — Imperial Vizier Zor'lok shouts with pure volume to inflict 55,200 to 64,800[Notes 3] physical damage to all players every 1 seconds for 10 sec. Players standing in Noise Cancelling zones suffer 60% less damage from this ability.
    • Warrior talent icon deadlycalm.png  Noise Cancelling — Before Imperial Vizier Zor'lok begins channeling Force and Verve, he summons Noise Cancelling zones nearby. Standing in these zones reduces the damage of Force and Verve by 60% and reduces the damage from Sonic Rings by 75%.[Notes 4]
  • Spell arcane mindmastery.png  Convert Damage Dealer Alert — Imperial Vizier Zor'lok uses the pure voice of the Empress to sway the allegiance of two players at random, causing them to fight for the Mantid Empire. Convert lasts until the victim reaches 50% health. Three players in 25-player mode, five players in 25-player Heroic mode.

Stage 2: We Will Not Disappoint Her

When Imperial Vizier Zor'lok reaches 40% remaining health, he flies to the center of the chamber and inhales the Pheromones of Zeal. Imperial Vizier Zor'lok now uses all of his abilities from Stage One.

  • Ability monk breathoffire.png  Inhale Pheromones — Imperial Vizier Zor'lok inhales all of the Pheromones in the chamber, increasing his damage by 10% and haste by 20%.
  • Echoes of Power Heroic Difficulty — In Heroic difficulty, Imperial Vizier Zor'lok will leave copies of himself behind at the first two platforms he visits. During stage two of the encounter he will randomly summon Echoes of Power to aid him in battle.Echoes of Power inherit one of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok's abilities and will continue to use that power until they are defeated.
    • Ability warrior battleshout.png  Echo of Attenuation — Echo of Attenuation will use Zor'lok's Attenuation ability as well as fight players in melee combat.
    • Warrior disruptingshout.png  Echo of Force and Verve — Echo of Force and Verve will use Zor'lok's Force and Verve ability as well as fight players in melee combat.
    • Trade archaeology delicatemusicbox.png  Song of the Empress Heroic Difficulty — Any echoes that Imperial Vizier Zor'lok has summoned will use the Song of the Empress any time they are not actively using one of their abilities and they are not engaged in melee combat. As with Imperial Vizier Zor'lok engaging the echoes in melee combat will end this effect.


  1. ^ Song of the Empress:
    • 10: 150K
    • 10H: 200K
    • LFR: 50K
    • 25: 150K
    • 25H: 200K
  2. ^ Pheromones of Zeal:
    • 10: 19-21K
    • 10H: 28.5-31.5K
    • LFR: 19-21K
    • 25: 19-21K
    • 25H: 28.5-31.5K
  3. ^ Force and Verve:
    • 10: 111-129K
    • 10H: 138-161K
    • LFR: 55.2-64.8K
    • 25: 111-129K
    • 25H: 138-161K
  4. ^ Noise Cancelling limits per zone:
    • 10: 4
    • 10H: 3
    • LFR: Unlimited
    • 25: 9
    • 25H: 7


Start the encounter with a Stampeding Roar, then attack the boss to see which platform he flies to first. The entire lower floor is covered in pheromones which tick for 19,000 Nature damage every second and silences all units inside it, so getting to a platform quickly is imperative. In non-Heroic mode difficulties, Zor'lok can choose either the left or right platform to start the fight. Every 20% health lost, he will move to another platform. Heal up and get shielded before entering the pheromones to cross to join him.


Attuenation spawning counter-clockwise

The left platform grants Zor'lok Attenuation. Attenuation is a large set of sonic rings traveling outward from the center of the platform in a spiral pattern in a straight line, before splitting near the outer wall. The rings will spawn in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. To avoid attenuation, the most fool proof way is to swing the camera from above and follow the movement of the spiral. Don't be too far out. Don't be too far in. And don't run too fast!

Attenuation can generate clockwise and counterclockwise spirals, but this diagram only illustrates one.

Force and Verve

The right platform grants Force and Verve. Zor'lok will spawn three Noise Cancelling zones randomly around the platform, which look like the turtle pet ability [Shell Shield]. In most difficulties, there is a limit to the number of players who can benefit from the shields to prevent the entire raid from stacking in one bubble. The first shield will be cast in melee range, then the second a few yards away from the boss, and the third out at range. Thus, melee and the tank should move to the first shield spawned, healers should look to the second, and ranged attackers should find themselves under the third.


At 60% health, Zor'lok will fly to the back platform and start Converting players. Converted players are mind controlled and have their health and damage outputs increased dramatically. Converted players will revert back to normal below 50% health, but may break out early each time they take spell damage. It is important not to kill converted players with damage over time abilities!

Final phase

At 40% health, Zor'lok will fly from the third platform to the center of the room and inhale all of the pheromones, then [Death Grip] all members of the raid to his location. He will then start using all of his phase one abilities at the same time. This is thus a burn phase, so pop [Time Warp] and all other cooldowns to quickly burn him down, all the while dancing through Attenuation, running under the shields for Force and Verve, and freeing Converted players.


Item Type
 [Sigil of Wisdom] Quest item
 [Articulated Legplates] (LFR · H) Tank plate leggings
 [Attenuating Bracers] (LFR · H) Caster cloth bracers
 [Boots of the Still Breath] (LFR · H) Agility leather boots
 [Chestplate of the Forbidden Tower] (LFR · H) Spirit plate chest
 [Fragment of Fear Made Flesh] (LFR · H) Caster DPS ring
 [Gauntlets of Undesired Gifts] (LFR · H) Spirit leather gloves
 [Gloves of Grasping Claws] (LFR · H) Spirit cloth gloves
 [Hisek's Chrysanthemum Cape] (LFR · H) Strength DPS cloak
 [Mail of Screaming Secrets] (LFR · H) Spirit mail chest
 [Pheromone-Coated Choker] (LFR · H) Agility neck
 [Scent-Soaked Sandals] (LFR · H) Healer cloth feet
 [Vizier's Ruby Signet] (LFR · H) Tank ring
 [Warbelt of Sealed Pods] (LFR · H) DPS plate belt
 [Zor'lok's Fizzing Chestguard] (LFR · H) Agility mail chest
 [Soothsayer's Runes] Darkmoon Faire item

Related Achievements


Trash mobs
We are the extension of our Empress's will.
Ours is but to serve in Her divine name.
Never to question, nor to contemplate; we simply act.
We fight, toil, and serve so that Her vision for us is made reality.
Her happiness is our reward, her sorrow our failure.
We will give our lives for the Empress without hesitation. She is the light, and without Her our lives will be lost to darkness.
The chaff of the world tumbles across our doorstep, driven by fear; Her royal swarm will whisk them away.
They are but the waves crashing upon the mountain of Her divine will. They may rise again and again; but will accomplish nothing.
We are unfazed. We will stand firm.
The Divine challenges us to face these intruders.
And so it falls to us, Her chosen voice.
The divine chose us to give mortal voice to Her divine will. We are but the vessel that enacts Her will.
Through the air we breathe. She strengthens our voice.
Behold the voice of Her divine wrath.
Phase 1
Her gifts are many, our gratitude immeasurable.
Phase 2
She tests us. We will not disappoint Her.
Phase 3
We are as unwavering as the amber that shapes our halls. With Her might we will vanquish all who dare intrude upon Her divine home.
Her will is greater than us all. You will join us or you will perish.
Echoes of Power
Our voice gives form to Her will.
Killing a player
  • The divine will not suffer your taint here, outsider!
  • Ours is but to serve, yours is but to die!
We will not give in to the despair of the dark void. If Her will for us is to perish, then it shall be so.
Unused quote
They were clearly unworthy of Her divine embrace.



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25-man Heroic

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Patches and hotfixes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2012-11-06): "
    • Imperial Vizier Zor'lok will no longer summon the Echo of Force and Verve in his final phase in the Heroic mode version of this encounter.
    • Zor'lok's Echoes will pause briefly before beginning to cast Song of the Empress.
    • Zor'lok's berserk timer has been increased slightly.
    • Zor'lok can no longer be attacked until all the foes in the Oratorium are slain.
    • Zealous Bugs will no longer spawn in the Raid Finder version of this encounter.
    • Wiping on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok or defeating the enemies preceding him in the Oratorium will no longer sometimes cause players to become raid locked to the Heart of Fear."
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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