Imprisoned Infinite Dragonspawn

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NeutralImprisoned Infinite Dragonspawn
Image of Imprisoned Infinite Dragonspawn
Race Dragonspawn (Dragonkin)
Affiliation(s) Infinite dragonflight
Location Caverns of Time, Tanaris

Imprisoned Infinite Dragonspawn can be seen in the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. It appears to be held in stasis while being studied by Andormu and Nozari of the bronze dragonflight and is untargetable by players.


The adult Andormu and Nozari stand before the dragonspawn, examining it.
Nozari says: Fascinating. What is it, Andormu?
Andormu says: Something very, very disturbing. We're starting to see more of them across the timeways.
Nozari says: Hrm, are they tampering with the timeways?
Andormu says: Nozari, I'm not talking about a greedy wizard looking to improve his station in life by making a small adjustment to the past.
Andormu says: These beings aren't giving themselves the winning numbers for the Stormwind lottery, dear.
Nozari says: I hate it when you speak to me in that manner. I am your equal in every way, brother. Remember that the next time you are trapped amidst a temporal vortex, crying for help.
Andormu says: My apologies, Nozari. I have been a bit 'on edge' as of late. These creatures are attempting to alter the timeways.
Andormu says: You do recall the last time that this occurred, yes? Let us hope that the master need not be involved.
Nozari says: Shall we?
Andormu says: Absolutely not. We must not place ourselves at risk. With the master away, we are all that is in place to keep the stream intact. Others are due to arrive any moment now. Heroes and adventurers from Azeroth...
Nozari nods.


  • His name can be seen on the mini-map by classes with dragonkin tracking.

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