Improved Cleave

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Improved Cleave
Ability warrior cleave.png
  • Improved Cleave (3 ranks)
  • Fury, Tier 3
  • Increases the bonus damage done by your Cleave ability by 40/80/120%.
Points required


Talent required



Improved Cleave increases the bonus damage done by the [Cleave] ability.


A fully improved (3/3) [Cleave] will do Weapon Damage + 110 to two targets at Rank 5, instead of Weapon Damage + 50, which is a significant improvement for just three points spent.

[Cleave], [Whirlwind] and [Sweeping Strikes] are the only meaty AOE attacks the warrior has, so any way to improve either is worth looking into, and [Cleave]'s stance independence (usable in all three) makes it especially versatile for coping with adds, or just pulling two at a time. Helpful for tanks and soloists alike.

Alternatives at this tree tier are [Piercing Howl], [Blood Craze] and [Commanding Presence], all very useful talents, but Improved Cleave only goes to three ranks anyway, leaving room for [Piercing Howl] and one point of something else. This tier is so useful however, that it may be worth spending more than just the five points needed to progress further down.

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