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Pets for sale

The In-Game Store, aka Shop, is an extension of the Blizzard Shop on Blizzard and is used to purchase items and services. The store initially[1] was only used in Asian regions at the outset, but has shipped worldwide in Patch 5.4.2. The parental controls by default disables the In-Game Store. Accessing and configuring the settings of the parental controls will allow the store be available once again.[2]

Available for purchase

Consumables (Asia-only)





Game Upgrades


Bundles are usually about $30 each, saving $5 from buying the mount and pet individually.


The following can no longer be purchased from the store.



Patch changes

Removed category: "Featured". "Game Upgrades" was moved to the top.
The in-game shop option now has Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel for sale; Activated on February 12, 2018.

Added new categories: "Game Upgrades" and "Bundles".
The in-game shop option now has Shadow for sale; Activated on September 12, 2017.
The in-game shop option now has Luminous Starseeker and Twilight for sale; Activated on August 2, 2017.
The in-game shop option now has Brightpaw for sale; Activated on December 2, 2015.
The in-game shop option now has Mystic Runesaber for sale; Activated on May 13, 2015.
The in-game shop option now has Warforged Nightmare and Grinning Reaver for sale.
On the character selection screen, a button for the In-Game Store has been added above the AddOns button.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.4.2 (2013-12-10): You can now browse and purchase a bevy of mounts and pets directly from within World of Warcraft through our newly added Shop interface.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.4.0 (2013-09-10): Added.


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