In Defense of Darkshore

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AllianceIn Defense of Darkshore

19 (Requires 16)







Talk to Orseus outside the Grove of the Ancients and mount a hippogryph. From the air, protect 8 Whitetail Deer, 8 Grizzled Thistle Bears, and 8 Moonstalker Matriarchs/Sires from the consumption.


Now that we know our preventative measures work, we should cover as much ground as possible.

I've arranged to commandeer one of our hippogryphs, but I can't do this alone. Talk to my friend Orseus, next to the flight master right outside the grove here. Let him know when you're ready and I'll meet you there. We'll canvas Darkshore from the air and protect as many animals as we can!


You will receive 11s


Nothing makes me feel more alive than soaring through the trees! Did we protect enough animals? Do we need to take another pass?


So the animals are safe, then. Thank you, thank you!

But now it's time to turn our attention to the source.



Speak with Orseus after accepting the quest:

Gossip Orseus, Kathrena sent me to borrow one of your Hippogryphs.

Kathrena will approach on a Grove Hippogryph, which the player automatically mounts. The hippogryph has one ability:

Key 1. Spell nature naturetouchgrow.png  Protect Wildlife 100 yd range — Protects large groups of Darkshore wildlife from consumption. 0.25 sec cast (0.25 sec cooldown)

Associated buff:

Ability mount warhippogryph.png
  • Ride Grove Hippogryph
  • Flying on a Hippogryph - hold on tight!

The hippogryph will make one pass around the surrounding area then return to the Grove of the Ancients. If you haven't completed the quest (i.e., protected enough wildlife), simply speak with Orseus again for another pass.


Kathrena Winterwisp says: Hold on tight! I'll take care of the flying, you focus on the wildlife below.
Kathrena Winterwisp says: From the air, you should be able to cast your protective ward on whole groups of animals at once.
(passing over Wildbend River and Twilight Vale)
Kathrena Winterwisp says: Whitetail deer have been repopulating this whole area.
(passing over Blazing Strand)
Kathrena Winterwisp says: Hold on, the updraft from the fires can be fierce.
(passing over Twilight Vale)
Kathrena Winterwisp says: Moonstalkers displaced by the fires patrol this strand, we need to keep them safe!
Kathrena Winterwisp says: Look below - some of those thistle bears haven't been consumed yet. We're not too late.
(passing over Master's Glaive)
Kathrena Winterwisp says: Why would anyone want to dig up something so horrific? I'm convinced those things are behind what's happening to the animals here.
Kathrena Winterwisp says: Good work! Let Orseus know if we need to take another pass. Otherwise, I'll meet you in the grove!


  1. A [18] Consumed
  2. A [18] The Seeds of Life
  3. A [18] An Ounce of Prevention
  4. [Ride Grove Hippogryph]
  5. A [18] The Devourer of Darkshore

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