In Favor of Elune

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AllianceIn Favor of Elune
Start Shanda
End Laurna Morninglight
Level 4 (Requires 4)
Category Priest
Experience 90 (or 60c at level 70)
Next A Priest [4] Garments of the Moon

In Favor of Elune is an Alliance only priest quest in Teldrassil, the night elf starting zone. In this quest, players are sent by Shanda to report to another priest trainer in Dolanaar. Note that only priests can receive this quest. In Favor of Elune is not required for the next quest, A Priest [4] Garments of the Moon, but cannot be completed once that quest is completed.


Speak to Laurna Morninglight in Teldrassil.


<name>, you must travel to Dolanaar when your business here in Shadowglen is done. There, you will find Laurna Morninglight. She will instruct you further in the ways of Elune, and it is with her that you will earn your first garments denoting your station as a <priest/priestess> of Elune.

Take care, and may you be protected in your journeys.


I'm happy to see Shanda has sent you to find me, <name>. Teaching young priestesses the ways of Elune gives me great satisfaction.



Obtaining this quest

You must be a priest to obtain this quest. Shanda can be found inside the main building of Shadowglen, upstairs. Speak with her to receive this quest.

Completing this quest

Laurna Morninglight can be found inside the northern building of Dolanaar.


  1. A Priest [4] In Favor of Elune
  2. A Priest [4] Garments of the Moon

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