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In Short Supply (Alliance)

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AllianceIn Short Supply

95 (Requires 94)




50 Garrison Resources
13g 40s


A [95] Iron Them Out


Collect 6 Iron Horde Explosives.


The Iron Horde has explosive devices stored throughout the heart of their logging camp.

We must recover them so they are not used against us.

I will keep an eye on Maraad... I worry for him in his anger.

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

On accept of this and Too Many Irons in the Fire:

Vindicator Maraad says: Yrel! We will spill some orcish blood...
The two run out of Fort Wrynn to the northwest.


You will receive: 13g 40s 50 Garrison Resources


Have you found the Iron Horde Explosives yet?


I believe we can use those explosives against the Iron Horde.



Pick up A [95] Too Many Irons in the Fire and A [95] Thaelin's Quick Fix before heading out.

Southwest to Mor'gran Logworks. The Thunderlord Cache is in the northeastern extent of the quest area and the log storage area is at the northwestern extent, with Redemption Rise, an Alliance flight path, between them. Just northwest of Redemption Rise, a Fallen Draenei Defender and a dead Iron Engineer are a few yards from some Iron Shredder Decommission Orders. Interact with the orders to pick up A [95] Decommissioned Mission, a mandatory short side quest to unlock a shredder.

Enter the main camp, down south by the water to find the forge. Plenty of crates of  [Iron Horde Explosives] are found in the main camp as well.

Turn in up at Redemption Rise.


  1. B [94] One Step Ahead
  2. B [95] Through the Looking Glass
  3. Complete all of:
  4. Complete all of:
  5. B [95] An Eye for a Spy
  6. B [95] Born to Shred
  7. B [95] Engineering Her Demise
  8. B [95] Khadgar's Plan
  9. B [95] The Battle for Shattrath

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