In Tents Channeling

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AllianceIn Tents Channeling

The four Jilvici
Start Admiral Taylor [53.8, 82.7]
End Automatic
Level 87 (Requires 87)
Category Kun-Lai Summit
Experience 161000
Rewards 20g 40s
Previous A [87] Round 'Em Up, A [87] Mogu?! Oh No-gu!, A [87] Deanimate the Reanimated, A [87] Back to Westwind Rest
Next A [87] The Ordo Warbringer


Kill the Ordo Embercaller, Ordo Pyromancer, Ordo Firespeaker, and Ordo Blazecaster.


The yaungol of Fire Camp Ordo are a dire threat. I need you to head northwest and take out their leader.

Unfortunately, his four subordinates are maintaining a fire barrier that prevents us from getting to him in the adjoining cave.

Take them out and the shield will come down. You'll find them in their tents, channeling.


You will receive: 20g 40s


<The Ordo lieutenants are dead. The shield is down.>


  • 161000 XP


Pick up A [87] Barrels of Fun and A [87] Pandaren Prisoners before heading out.

Start freeing pandaren and looting barrels. The barrels are unique, so pick one up, run it to a oil rig, place it, and run away and repeat. The four jilvici are found in tents marked by fire lines exiting their central poles. When the fourth jalvici is dead, In Tents will complete automatically. Turn it in and pick up A [87] The Ordo Warbringer, then go kill Ordo Warbringer before heading back.


Optional breadcrumb: A [82] Hero's Call: Kun-Lai Summit!/H [82] Warchief's Command: Kun-Lai Summit! (optional), B [87] The Road to Kun-Lai
Optional side quests: N [87] Robbing Robbers of Robbers, N [87] Educating Saurok, N [87] The Spring Drifter

  1. N [87] Call Out Their Leader & N [87] Hit Medicine & N [87] All of the Arrows
  2. A [87] Admiral Taylor has Awakened / H [87] General Nazgrim has Awakened
  3. A [87] Westwind Rest / H [87] Eastwind Rest
  4. B [87] Challenge Accepted
  5. Complete all of:
    1. B [87] Trouble on the Farmstead
    2. N [87] Farmhand Freedom & N [87] ... and the Pot, Too!
    3. A [87] Back to Westwind Rest / H [87] Back to Eastwind Rest
  6. Complete all of:

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