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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

The Inevitable is a tar-colored elven destroyer captained by Captain Malus, leader of the Hidden. Its crew consists mostly of humans and it transports the rest of the Hidden. It also has its own longboat.

Having gained knowledge about Malus's old enemy and his ship - Captain Greydon Thorne and the Wavestrider - from Jonas Cobb, the Inevitable chased Greydon's ship across the Veiled Sea some time after the Cataclysm. Inevitable's crew attacked and destroyed it but two crew members - Aramar Thorne and Makasa Flintwill - escaped. The Inevitable then landed near Feralas's coast. Once Malus became the new leader of the Gordunni clan, he ordered Ssarbik to contact his sister on the Inevitable in order to have the ship moved to Gadgetzan.[1]


Main crew
Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Human Male.gif Malus Deceased Captain
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Throgg Alive
IconSmall Arakkoa.gif Ssarbik Deceased
IconSmall Arakkoa.gif Ssavra Unknown (presumed deceased)
IconSmall Human Male.gif Sensiago Kryl Alive Helmsman
Name Status Occupation
IconSmall SandTroll Female.gif Zathra Deceased Mercenary
IconSmall Scorpid.gif Skitter Alive Zathra's scorpid pet
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Reigol Valdread Active Mercenary