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For the Utgarde Keep boss, see Ingvar the Plunderer.
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Gender Male
Race Vrykul
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Valarjar
Occupation Champion of the Valarjar
Status Deceased

Ingvar was a legendary vrykul warrior and the first and only Valarjar to carry the Warswords of the Valarjar into battle. In life, he was a renowned fighter. Always aggressive, he once led a raiding party to investigate a cave filled with dark magic, and discovered a group of creatures that had been corrupted by the Old God C'Thun. Though greatly outnumbered, the vrykul did not run. Most of them fell in minutes, but Ingvar remained standing. Though badly wounded, he fought his way through the cave and destroyed every enemy inside. After his last breath, the val'kyr Helya sent his spirit to the Halls of Valor, where Keeper Odyn welcomed him with open arms.

Odyn declared Ingvar to be a paragon among the Valarjar for his noble sacrifice and bestowed upon him the Warswords of the Valarjar. In times of great peril, Ingvar was always the first to lead the Valarjar into the fray. However, one day Helya, who had been transformed into a val'kyr against her will, was approached by the corrupted Keeper Loken with an offer. In exchange for trapping the Valarjar within their halls, Loken would break Helya free from Odyn's control. The bitter and rage-filled val'kyr accepted and succeeded in neutralizing nearly all of the Valarjar, confining them to their halls in the sky. Odyn was entirely unprepared for the rebellion, and only a few Valarjar were outside the halls when Helya attacked. One of them was Ingvar, who took his warswords and immediately retaliated in the hopes of defeating Helya and freeing Odyn.

As Helya had tremendous control over the spirits of the dead, Ingvar realized that he was facing a fight he was unlikely to win, but there was no one else to make the attempt. He found his adversary and tried to strike her down, nearly overwhelming her with the warswords, but in the end the val'kyr gained the upper hand and smote Ingvar into oblivion. His swords fell to Azeroth, among the few Valarjar artifacts to not be trapped within the halls. Helya kept the blades as a memento of her victory over Odyn.[1]