Ingvar Must Die!

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HordeIngvar Must Die

Dark Ranger Marrah (Utgarde Keep)


71 (Requires 68)




Ingvar Must Die is a Horde quest shown both in the Blizzcon and Leipzig Wrath of the Lich King-tests.


Dark Ranger Marrah has asked you to kill Ingvar the Plunderer in Utgarde Keep, then bring his head to High Executor Anselm at Vengeance Landing.


Finally, someone's come. I've been here far too long and my wits are beginning to fail me. Of our entire recon party, only I remain.

I shall give you my report and it will be up to you to act upon the information. Know this, <class>, it did not come cheaply.

These vrykul are relentless fighters. Given their numbers and their savage tactics, our only hope is to bring down their leader and pray it brings chaos to their ranks.

Ingvar is his name. Bring his head to Anselm when your duty is done.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 16.png [Executioner's Band] Inv jewelry ring 48naxxramas.png [Ring of Decimation]
Inv jewelry ring 62.png [Signet of Swift Judgment]

You will also receive: 9g 40s


Gird up, <race>.

There's much work to be done. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.


Excellent work, <name>. With their leader removed, our efforts against these vrykul should be more successful.

Service such as this cannot go unrewarded!

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