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Initiate Da-Nel

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NeutralInitiate Da-Nel
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Title <Messenger>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Class Monk
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Order of the Broken Temple
Location Dalaran; Wandering Isle
Status Alive

Initiate Da-Nel is a pandaren briefly appearing in Dalaran, and the Wandering Isle. He is the one introducing the player monk to their Order Hall by delivering a message to them in Dalaran.


Objective of

  • He needs to be spoken with in N Monk [110] Storm Brew.


  • Hey, <character>! Message for you from Grand Master Hight!
  • Where are you going? Hey, got a message for you!
  • Come on! I got to deliver this message!
  • Please, just give me a moment. Master Jang is going to make me paint the whole temple again if I don't deliver this!
  • Do you know how big the temple is? It takes weeks to finish! Please, listen to the message!
  • Fine, be that way. I'll follow you around this whole city if I have to!


  • If you don't accept his quest immediately he will insist on taking his message, becoming more and more impatient. After a while he gives up with asking and says he'll just follow you around the city until you take his letter.

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