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Not to be confused with Scarlet inquisitor.
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Inquisitors are a race of demons in service of the Burning Legion. They're horrific fel casters who see through their floating eyes and specialize in dark pacts.[1] Of all the foul creatures that serve the Legion, the hooded inquisitors are perhaps the most mysterious, and most menacing.[2] When killed, their body becomes one of their eyes.

There are three named "high inquisitors": High Inquisitor Qormaladon of Niskara, Djin'zal of Suramar City, and High Inquisitor Raalgar in the High Inquisitor's Lair near Nath'raxas Hold.



Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages of Legion.


The Inquisition

The prison world Niskara is the headquarter of an inquisitor organization simply called "the Inquisition", as its victims can be found there. There are also Torturers of the Inquisition and Gazes of the Inquisition serving the Legion out of the world.

Any relations to the Demonic Inquisition is unknown.