Inquisitor Baleful

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MobInquisitor Baleful
Image of Inquisitor Baleful
Gender Male
Race Inquisitor (Demon)
Level 98
Health 359,216
Mana 11,618
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Mardum
Status Killable

Inquisitor Baleful is an inquisitor located at the Molten Shore on Mardum, the Shattered Abyss.


  • Spell arcane mindmastery.png  Incite Madness — Causes the target to dip into madness, inflicting 1462 to 1538 Shadow damage every 0.5 sec for 8 sec.


I can see your secrets...
50% health
Enough! My colossal infernal will crush you.
My eyes... My eyes!

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