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Instance grouping guide for an off tank

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Instance grouping guide
Main Roles

Instance tanking (Tank)
Instance healing (Healer)
Instance damage dealing

(Damage dealer)

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Other Roles

Instance leader
Instance puller
Crowd controller
Instance main assist
Instance off tank
Instance scout
Instance rezzer

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Class Roles



Other Topics

Marking up mobs
Crowd Control
Combat Cycle
Dying and Wipe prevention
Role Assignment
How Not To Do Things
Additional Tips

Related Topics

Crowd control
Looking For Group

Meeting stone
Pickup group

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Classes: Warrior, Druid, Paladin, Death Knight

In Raids (10 people and more), more than one tank is usually available. In these cases, one tank becomes the MT, and the others are designated off-tanks. An OTs job is usually to be second on the aggro list of the mobs, so if the MT dies, he's able to quickly draw aggro and replace the MT. Where an offtank is present, it is also the best idea for the offtank to intercept a lone target-changing mob, so the main tank can handle the other X number of mobs.

It is possible to take an off-tank in five-man parties. While Holy Trinity is preserved with three indiviuals (Tank, Healer, and one DPS), that leaves two places open for other roles. Normally the fourth party position is another DPS, but the fifth spot can house a class such as a Paladin or Shaman who can make acceptable off-tanks.