Intercept the Reinforcements

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The subject of this article or section is part of the Shattered Sun Offensive storyline and was removed at the commencement of phase 4. The in-game information in this article or section is kept for historical purposes, and for players on new realms that have not yet completed the world event.
NeutralIntercept the Reinforcements

70 (Requires 70)




7g 59s



Intercept the Reinforcements is part of the Shattered Sun Offensive storyline. Once players have recovered the Sun's Reach Harbor, N [70 Daily] Keeping the Enemy at Bay replaces this quest.


Vindicator Kaalan at the Sun's Reach Armory wants you to speak to Ayren Cloudbreaker and fly over the Dawnblade reinforcement fleet. Use the Flaming Oil to set the ship sails on fire as you fly and once you land, slay 6 Dawnblade Reservists.


We're making a push to solidify our control of Sun's Reach by capturing the harbor next. Unfortunately a fleet of Dawnblade reservists is on its way to reinforce Kael's forces there.

Take this oil and secure a dragonhawk from Ayren Cloudbreaker. You should be able to fly within reach of the ships' sails; once you're close enough, set them on fire.

Land in one of the ships and attack the reservists. With their ship sails on fire they won't be able to mount much of a defense.


The dragonhawk Ayren provides will fly near all three of the ships north of the Harbor. Target the sails while flying overhead. After flying around, players will land on The Sin'loren where an Unrestrained Dragonhawk waits to fly players back to the dock after they've killed their six reservists. It is quite possible to swim to another of the three ships to find less-camped reservists. However, there is no dragonhawk on the other ships to fly you back, so you will end up needing to swim back to the Sin'loren first.


Have you accomplished your task, <name>?


Well done, <name>. It should be a long time before the harbor receives any reinforcements.


You will receive: 7g 59s.

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