Intercepting the Orders

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AllianceIntercepting the Orders
Start Flint Shadowmore
End Bodrick Grey
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Garrison Campaign
Experience 15,070 experience
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous B [100] Plans of War
Next B [100] Putting Down the Packleader


Collect the Frostfire Mission Orders, Shadowmoon Mission Orders, and Spires of Arak Mission Orders.


Intelligence is the name of the game, friend. The more we know about Hellscream's plans, the easier it will be to thwart them.

The Mok'gol orcs often act as Hellscream's couriers, carrying mission orders from this place to his outposts all over Draenor.

Kill these riders, and recover any orders that you can find.


Do you have something for me?


Excellent work, <name>.


You will also receive: 15g 40s



  1. B [100] Garrison Campaign: Deep Recon
  2. B [100] The Warlord's Council
  3. B [100] Plans of War
  4. B [100] Intercepting the Orders
  5. B [100] Putting Down the Packleader

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