Interrogator Khan

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For the character from an alternate universe, see Arbiter Khan.
AllianceInterrogator Khan
Image of Interrogator Khan
Title <Hand of Argus>
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 73 Elite
Health 879,800
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Exodar, Hand of Argus
Location Nagrand
Status Alive

Interrogator Khan appears to be the draenei in charge of discovering what interests the blood elves have in  [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample]. It is unknown where his physical location is.

Interrogation Scene

Interrogator Khan says: What are you doing in Nagrand, filth? Answer me!
Interrogator Khan says: What are you after, Bloodknight? Speak or the brutes will punish you.
Captured Halaani Blood Knight raises an eyebrow at Khan.
Interrogator Khan kneels down as if to get closer to the Bloodknight.
Interrogator Khan says: Surprised? You thought what? That Draenei do not beat their prisoners?
Interrogator Khan says: You are correct. We do not beat our prisoners. Broken, on the other hand, have no issues with violence. You see, they are brutes after all...
Interrogator Khan says: Beat this filth until it speaks...
Telaari Watcher nods.
Telaari Watcher nods.


  • He may be a reference to Khan Noonien Singh, a superhuman from the Star Trek series bred to be free from the usual human mental and physical limitations (The mental aspect being the assumed reference here as Interrogator Khan appears to be free of the usual mercifulness that Draenei are known to exhibit). He may also be a reference as most Draenei (namely those of the Exodar) are accepting of their Broken counterparts, although Khan appears to treat them as little more than lackeys.

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