Into the Stonecore

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NeutralInto the Stonecore
Start Stormcaller Mylra [64.5, 82.1]
End Earthwarden Yrsa
Level 83 (Requires 82)
Type Dungeon
Category Stonecore
Experience 4400
Rewards 86s (or 1g 65s at max level)
Shareable Yes
Previous N [82] The Twilight Overlook
Next N [84G] Twilight Documents


Speak to Earthwarden Yrsa inside the Stonecore.


You say that this Millhouse Manastorm and High Priestess Azil were to meet inside the Stonecore?

Sounds big. We'd best get on their trail. We don't want the Twilight's Hammer pulling off something big right under our noses.

Speak to Earthwarden Yrsa inside the Stonecore. She's been stationed there to make sure the Twilight's Hammer doesn't try to retake the Temple of Earth.


You will receive: 86s (or 1g 65s at max level)


It's about time they sent someone to help.

Millhouse Manastorm? It sounds like we're both after the same person.


The entrance to the Stonecore is halfway up the Temple of Earth on its western side.

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