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Investigating the Rumors

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For the Horde version, see Azerite Essence Treasure Investigating the Rumors.
AllianceInvestigating the Rumors
Level 120 (800) Rare!
Duration 3 days
Followers 3
Type Azerite Essence Treasure
Enemies Valusha
Cost 250 War Resources
Champion XP 500
Bonus Chest  [Captured Documents]
500x [Azerite]


A Horde general has been tasked with delivering information on the location of a new Worldvein to Ogrimmar[sic]. We are going to stage a raid on Durotar and in the melee steal that information.



Your followers will gain:

  • 500 follower XP
You will receive:
Inv misc paperbundle02b.png [Captured Documents] Inv misc questionmark.png 500x Azerite


  1. A [120] Worldvein Rumors
  2. Azerite Essence Treasure Investigating the Rumors
  3. Azerite Essence Treasure Finding a Key
  4. Azerite Essence Treasure Tracking the Worldvein

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