Investigation at Mak'rana

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NeutralInvestigation at Mak'rana





110 (Requires 110)


World Quest


+75 reputation with Court of Farondis





Prince Farondis says: Bad enough that naga and demons invade our home... now these makrura plague our shores! We must find out what dark force is driving them to madness. Will you help?



Prince Farondis says: So the foul demons were behind it all! You have my thanks for foiling their scheme. Without the demons inciting them, the makrura threat should subside.


Kill Mak'rana Elders, Mak'rana Warriors, Bitterbrine Venomers and Bitterbrine Saltcasters. Horde can release the Queen's Reprisal Sailors, but Alliance can only kill them.

Bitterbrine Venomer
  • Bitterbrine Venomer says: A taste of my venom and you'll be mine.
  • Bitterbrine Venomer says: An offering for the tides.
  • Bitterbrine Venomer says: Another victim for the queen and her demonic friend.
  • Bitterbrine Venomer says: Don't be afraid. My venom weakens. Makes you cooperative.
  • Bitterbrine Venomer says: I'll chop you up into chum.
  • Bitterbrine Venomer says: My poison is fast to act, but slow to burn.
  • Bitterbrine Venomer says: Over here! Invaders!
  • Bitterbrine Venomer says: You're not from the ship!
Bitterbrine Saltcaster
  • Bitterbrine Saltcaster says: Great kraken take you!
  • Bitterbrine Saltcaster says: I'll enslave you with my spells.
  • Bitterbrine Saltcaster says: More slaves for the queen and her new master.
  • Bitterbrine Saltcaster says: Sea spray and sand!
  • Bitterbrine Saltcaster says: What's that you have there? A shiny weapon?
  • Bitterbrine Saltcaster says: You do not belong. I'll kill ya for the queen.
  • Bitterbrine Saltcaster says: You don't look like a sailor, but you'll do.
  • Bitterbrine Saltcaster says: You'll make for a fatty meal.

Queen's Reprisal Sailor

Horde rescues
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: We were headed for... Stormheim.
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: We were... going to Stormheim... after the Broken Shore.
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: Storm... ran aground.
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: Ship crashed... gilblin swarmed us.
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: Captain... taken...
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: I heard... makrura ate... the captain!
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: Makrura queen... demon...
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: Demon... here...
Alliance kills (most likely translations)
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: A curse upon you and yours!
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: Coward!
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: The Dark Lady will prevail.
  • Queen's Reprisal Sailor says: You have no honor, <name>.

For Oublion, dive into the deep center pool and into the cave, where he has Queen Kraklaa under his control. Having his heath reduced will cause him to immune and send in Queen Kraklaa. After killing her, finsih him off.

Oublion says: The Legion will enslave all!
Jailer's Ward
Oublion says: What am I thinking? This fight is all yours, my queen.

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