Iron Wargronn

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Not to be confused with Iron Wargronn (Tanaan Jungle) or Iron Wargronn (Stormsong Valley).
NeutralIron Wargronn
Image of Iron Wargronn
Race Gronn (Giant)
Level 120 Elite
Health 922,290
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Mag'har
Location Beastwatch, Gorgrond; Rocktusk Farm, Durotar
Status Alive

Iron Wargronn are gronn that were brought by Lantresor to Beastwatch in Gorgrond when the Lightbound attacked it. The Mag'har army was subsequently teleported to the main universe Azeroth, and the gronn appeared in Rocktusk Farm in Durotar.[1]


  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Enrage — Increases the caster's attack speed by 60% for 10 sec.
  • Ability smash.png  Ground Shatter — Shatters the ground, inflicting Physical damage and knocking back nearby enemies.
  • Warrior talent icon thunderstruck.png  Ground Slap — The caster smashes the ground, sending out multiple shockwaves that inflict Physical damage to all players in its path.

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